Money and affection, money and people, money and life
Money and affection, money and people, money and life
I have money to live a good life, but I don't have money to make me feel good.

there is a line in the movie Parasite: money is an iron that can iron everything.

when people reach a certain age, they will find that nothing in the world can do without money.

money is the foundation to settle down, and it is also the standard to test feelings and visit the hearts of the people.

money and affection

as the old saying goes, talking about money is easy to hurt feelings.

can be a relationship, if you only talk about love but not money, it may hurt the most in the end.

I have seen a true story.

Su Min, 56, is a retired aunt who seldom goes out and only focuses on her family.

but from last year, she suddenly made a bold decision to drive around China.

and the reason why she chose to run away from her family and drive on the road was out of resistance to her unhappy marriage.

Su Min and her husband have been married for more than 30 years, but her husband is never willing to spend a penny for her.

all expenses in the family should be AA and clearly divided.

Su Min said that she knew her husband would mind talking about money, so she tried not to open her mouth.

but after a long time, the other party is getting worse and worse.

once, she drove on the highway and used her husband's ETC card, which cost about 80 yuan. The husband actually wrote it down and urged her to pay it back.

she is obviously a husband and wife and an economic community, but in such a calculating marriage, all she feels is repression and alienation.

"We don't look like a family."

this is Su Min's summary of this marriage, both helpless and sad.

there is a very reasonable saying: those who are willing to spend money for you may not really love you, but those who do not want to spend money for you will not love you.

money is not the only measure of a relationship, but it is a necessary one.

during this period of time, the release of the movie Changjin Lake has also brought the happy marriage of Wu Jing and Xie Nan back into public view.

in an interview, Wu Jing was asked how the money earned from making movies would be managed.

Wu Jing said that he gave all his bank cards to Xie Nan before marriage and asked his wife to take care of them, as long as he left some pocket money for him.

as a result, Xie Nan refused directly, saying that he should take care of himself.

obviously, Xie Nan refused because she already had enough confidence in each other's feelings.

when a person really cares about the relationship, he will take the initiative to talk to you about money.

between two people, whether they are very secretive about the money or calculate the money too clearly, it can only show that the relationship has never been put into practice.

feelings that can be hurt by talking about money are often not real feelings.

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money is not only a demon mirror, but also a measure of heart.

No matter who you are with, talking openly about money and being honest about love is the right posture.

money and people

borrowing money is the best way to see the people around you.

A netizen named Baray posted a post, which caused a lot of heated discussion.

three years ago, a good friend of his borrowed money from him because he wanted to start a business.

at that time, his friend assured him that he would pay it back a year later, and he lent out his only 30,000 yuan of savings.

A year later, the friend did not return the money within the agreed time limit, and then he put it off for another half a year before he began to urge his friend to return the money.

considering that it was a very good relationship, he didn't dare to urge it all the time, so he asked questions from time to time.

during the meal, Baray was worried that his friend would have bad feelings in his heart and asked if he would be unhappy about demanding the return of the money. He was relieved when the other party replied categorically that he would not.

he took the initiative to chat with friends, and they all replied politely, and when they asked to meet with friends, they were all turned down by excuses.

for this, he was sad for a long time and kept reflecting on whether he had done something wrong.

in fact, he didn't do anything wrong.

it's not so much that you can't lend money to your friends, but that many friends can't stand the test of money at all.

it is said that gold is tested with fire and people with money. Sometimes, money is indeed the best touchstone for testing character.

whether a person is worthy of a deep acquaintance or not depends on his attitude towards borrowing and repaying money.

most of the time, the fear is not to borrow money, but to borrow love, but to get back hatred.

therefore, when you lend money to others, you should identify people's hearts, and when you borrow money from others, you should also compare your heart to heart.

money and life

in the adult world, there are too many places where money is needed, and risking one's life to make money has become the norm for many people.

endless overtime, tired do not dare to rest, sick do not dare to ask for leave, for fear that a stop, will be overwhelmed by life.

but people's energy is limited after all, desperately too much, tired, to the end to pay the bill is themselves and their families.

at the end of last year, the online writer Night in the Lattice (his real name is Liu Jiajun) died of a heart attack at his home in Shanghai at the age of 39.

Night in the plaid became famous very early and won the first prize in the New concept composition Competition at the age of 19.

since 2004, he began to start at the starting publishes works.

1816 days, he completed seven works, nearly 7 million words.

because of his hard work, he was rated as the highest-level contracted writer from the starting point-the platinum god.

for him, it should be the golden age of creation, but it is a pity that all dreams can only stop at this accident.

in today's fast-paced era, many people are unconsciously consuming their health.

in order to make more money, he habitually immerses himself in work and stays up late, and his body is in a state of overload almost every day.

I always think that you can use youth as a bargaining chip and your health for tomorrow.

there is a saying that comes to a piercing conclusion: people who do not have time to rest always make time to get sick.

every indifference and injury to the body is at the cost of overdrawing life.

when you wake up, it is often too late.

A person can't earn enough money in his life, but his life is limited.

Life is here, everything is there; no matter how much money is gone, it is meaningless.

and the way for him to keep a long life is to pay attention to health.

even if he is busy with Pepsi, he will insist on making time for himself to read, drink tea and take a walk.

reasonable rest and regular life not only make him full of vitality, but also keep him agile thinking all the time.

but nothing in the world is more valuable than life.

take a rest when it's time to rest. Only with good health can you have the spare power to make more money.

look at a relationship. You won't know the depth of the relationship until you can talk about money.

to know a person, only through the test of borrowing money and repaying money can you tell whether others are true or false.

only when you have tasted the price of losing your health for money can you really understand the value of life.

in the final analysis, money is important, but it is not everything after all.

, if you have the money to live a good life, you don't have the money to make you feel better.