Low-level people have four bad faces, and high-level people have four expensive faces.
Low-level people have four bad faces, and high-level people have four expensive faces.
Want to repay kindness, resentment want to forget, complain short, repay kindness long.


people have no high or low values, but have high and low qualities.

the level of a man does not lie in his status and wealth, but in his knowledge and accomplishment.

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low-level people have four bad faces, and high-level people have four noble faces.

low-level clumsiness to show off wealth

High-level low-key indifference

Lin Yutang describes some people showing off their wealth: if they have ten cents on their waist, they will make a sound of their clothes.

the more a person has nothing, the more he shows off.

people who are really rich never show off.

Li Ka-shing's watch costs only HK $1,000. He has worn his glasses for more than ten years, and he has only changed his lenses a few times.

Zuckerberg, once the richest man in the world, always wears an ordinary T-shirt jeans and drives a $16000 Honda. KFC and McDonald's are his most frequent dining places.

Wa Zong Qinghou spends no more than 50,000 yuan a year, and Geely Li Shufu seldom wears clothes above 500 yuan.

when people live to the extreme, they must be plain and simple.

people with rich hearts never care about what they wear or eat, and they never show off with famous brands.

Zhuge Liang said: "you can't be clear without indifference, and you can't go far without serenity."

the human heart is a limited container, and really powerful people don't like to waste their time on material life.

they are low-key and simple, dedicated to climbing the mountain in their hearts.

people who show off their wealth have been seized by money, and their level is too low to have time to see the bigger world and achieve bigger goals.

low-level superstitious connections

High-level people like reading

Lin Yutang said that some people said, "every time you talk to others, you must talk about your relatives."

in reality, many people's moments are full of photos of celebrities, accompanied by the sentence "have dinner with old friends", giving people the feeling that others have a wide range of connections.

in fact, they have only met some celebrities once, took pictures together and asked for autographs.

and then boast in front of people that I have a good relationship with whom I know, and your business is on me.

A well-known host claims to be friends with many world celebrities.

when he was in prison, no one came out to speak to him.

my former "friends" didn't even remember him at all, but had taken a group photo out of politeness.

there are also some people who like to go to parties and go to wine bureaus everywhere, which is called networking.

when friends gather with meat and wine, they will disperse with meat and wine.

the friends in the winery are the most unreliable, and when it comes to the moment, they still have to carry it on their own.

High-level people understand that it is better to rely on others than to rely on yourself.

waste time to expand contacts, it is better to study hard and improve yourself.

Real connections are based on equality of strength, and mutual help is only an equal exchange.

contacts without strength are all castles in the air.

if you are in full bloom, butterflies will come.

instead of pinning your hopes on others, you should pin your hopes on yourself.

low-level people are two-faced

High-level people are what they appear to be

Lin Yutang said: "people often talk a lot, but they often reveal their shortcomings behind their backs."

some people are like this, smiling like a flower to their face and scolding you behind your back.

being careless, I was sold by these people every minute.

A gentleman is easy to deal with, but a villain is difficult to defend.

Don't make friends indiscriminately, you must look at each other's character.

if the other person's character is not correct, it is better to stay away as soon as possible.

Zhuangzi said, "if you are not refined and sincere, you cannot be moving."

True friends must be honest and sincere, so that they can get along with each other without suspicion, without ingenuity, and comfortably.

even if you speak more directly, you will be better than those two-faced villains.

being sincere and heart-to-heart with each other is the best state between friends.

low-level people are ungrateful

High-level people know how to be grateful

Lin Yutang said:

"when he borrows a man's debt, he looks like a beggar; when he is claimed, he behaves like a king."

when I borrow money, I am my grandson, and I am my uncle when I pay it back.

urge him to pay back the money, but also think you are stingy.

it is the duty not to help others, it is the duty to help, and people should know how to be grateful.

people who don't know how to be grateful always feel that others owe him what they should.

he wants a bucket of rice when he is given a liter of rice.

people are mutually related, and only when they come and go can the relationship last.

people who don't know how to be grateful have no friends and no one wants to get along with him. Such people are doomed to have no future.

"gratitude is rewarded, resentment is forgotten, grievance is short, and gratitude is long."

Thanksgiving is a kind of upbringing.

the higher the level of people, the more grateful they are, and the more they know how to see the world, society and everyone with gratitude.

people who are grateful are open-minded and broad-minded, and are more likely to be happy.

they know how to give back to others, know how to repay others, they do not forget kindness, reassuring, reassuring.

so such people have more friends, wider paths and higher levels.