Love is to take care of, love is to make you comfortable
Love is to take care of, love is to make you comfortable
The mountains and rivers are far and wide, and there are fireworks in the world. May the wind of the years be calm, and what you see looking up is tenderness.

see a sentence on the Internet:

"A person who likes you may give you the best he can, but it is not necessarily what you want.

and if a person loves you, he would rather suffer than make you feel uncomfortable. "

I think so.

Love and love are different, one is for one's own desire, the other is for you sincerely.

Love means taking care of you

sometimes, love is just a hormone, and you happen to meet a nice person who can fill the boredom of life.

A friend Yanru is a relatively independent person who is used to living alone at ordinary times.

recently she was a little upset because she met a boy who liked him and wanted to know more about him.

but the boy is so enthusiastic about her that he often invites her to dinner, buys her flowers and skin care products, always cares about her food, clothing, accommodation and transportation, and has a very warm chat, always chatting from morning till night.

Yanru said:

"I actually don't like this way. I'm a slow person, and I'm not used to suddenly getting close to others.

and I don't like to spend other people's money before I have a definite relationship, but the other person has always stressed that it doesn't matter, anyway, it will still spend to become his girlfriend in the future. "

what bothers her even more is that she calls her as soon as the other person is free, but she wants both of them to have private space.

Yanru is very confused. In fact, judging from each other's actions, they are all good to her, but why doesn't she like it?

I said, "because he just likes you, he treats you in his own way, but doesn't really take into account your feelings."

respect is the premise of communication between people, love is more important, respect your life, respect your feelings, rather than blindly take care of you.

like a person, will become selfish, will not consider your feelings, will always force his "good" to you.

if you accept his kindness, he will be filled with joy; if you do not accept it, he will secretly complain and blame himself, and he will sulk in his life.

as emotional mentor Tu Lei said:

"if you like it, you can be moved. And love, must be heartache. If you like, you can give up. But love must be reluctant to give up. Like a person, winter is just winter. But if you love someone, winter can turn into spring. If you love someone, if he cries, you will cry with him. If you like someone, you will only comfort him when he cries. "

Love is to make you comfortable

those who really love you will give for you and give you what you really need.

Deng Chao and Sun Li are a model couple in the entertainment industry, often showing their affection and making fun of each other.

but what you didn't expect is that the two people who seem to work so well together used to have completely different personalities and hobbies.

Deng Chao likes spicy food, her diet is light;

Deng Chao sleeps late and stays up late. She likes to go to bed early and get up early.

Deng Chao likes living in Beijing, she likes living in Shanghai;

Deng Chao likes coffee and she likes hot tea.

Deng Chao has also been changing himself for Sun Li. He moved to Shanghai, adjusted his diet to a light diet, went to bed early and got up early with Sun Li, and usually drank hot tea together.

people who love you will secretly remember everything about you.

he will put you on the top of his heart, remember your preferences and change for you.

there are fireworks in the world, mountains and rivers are far away, all of them are you, all of them are you.

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the person who really cares about you will give you special attention, special love, and will make you feel the care everywhere.

with him, you can drop your guard and be brave and be a little girl who doesn't need to worry about it.

to love someone who is comfortable with each other

Love is comfortable to get along with. He is well aware of your small shortcomings and your bad habits, but he is still willing to accompany you through the ups and downs of life, give you a warm harbor and let you enjoy the little pleasures of life.

in Ode to Joy, Andy did not choose to be kind to her and had a lot of singularities in common, but chose the lively and noisy Bao Yifan.

Andy and Singularity, who know each other on the Internet, have a lot of common hobbies, and many have the same view of things.

after falling in love, Andy finds that being with Singularity is always uncomfortable, and it's easy to have bad feelings and dare not relax.

at that time, Singularity secretly found the biological father who abandoned Andy and took him to the company, saying that he wanted to surprise Andy, but he suddenly lost his mind and almost broke down.

Singularity also likes to mentor Andy and wants to force her and convince her.

this kind of love makes Andy feel more and more crazy without sense of security.

then Andy and Singularity separated and met Bao Yifan.

because Bao Yifan has a sunny character, speaks frankly and treats his feelings bluntly, he always expresses his love to Andy unsparingly. Slowly, Andy is infected and becomes cheerful and happy.

with Bao Yifan, Andy feels at ease, easy to be happy and relaxed, to be who he really is, and is willing to share his heart with Bao Yifan.

just like what Quxiao said:

"how is it possible for a person who makes you unable to laugh before marriage? We were looking for an interesting soul to live with in our relationship, but suddenly we found that such a life suffocated you, and in a depressed atmosphere, everyone wanted to escape. "

Love at first sight is not as good as never getting tired of it for a long time. Some people can't say what's good, but they are very comfortable with each other.

I remember someone said, "to like a flower is to pick it for yourself, but to love a flower is to water it and fertilize it, and then let it grow up healthily and happily."

the beauty of love lies in the first sight of heart, and the value of love lies in my love for you forever.

it is an endless tacit understanding to be with people who are comfortable with each other;

to be with people who are comfortable with each other is to appreciate your goodness and understand your sufferings.

when you are with people who are comfortable with each other, you don't have to please deliberately and feel at ease.

Lin Huiyin has a saying: "the best love is to give you the strength to be yourself."

if a relationship makes you tired and without sense of security, it is consuming you;

if a love makes you more and more confident, it nourishes you.

, the mountains and rivers are far and wide, and there are fireworks in the world. May the wind be calm in the years, and what you see when you look up is tenderness.