Looking young is a skill.
Looking young is a skill.
May you look young and live a beautiful life after middle age.

No one can be young forever, but there are always people who look younger than their peers.

before the age of 30, the delicate skin and charming facial features are youthful and beautiful, one is genetic genius, the other is age advantage;

after the age of 30, the spirit emitted by a comfortable face and tight figure depends on one's own efforts and cultivation.

A person who is middle-aged and looks young is actually a skill.

keep loving beauty

there is a saying:

"A person's real aging is never the increase of age, but the loss of the love of beauty and the demand for self."

at a certain age, whether you like it or not, the body's metabolism will uncontrollably slow down, and many people will allow their bodies to be bloated and loose.

only at this time can one really test one's self-discipline in beauty.

I know a 35-year-old sister who manages her figure and appearance like a textbook.

one hour long run and two hours yoga once a week;

light food, less oil, fruit yogurt every day, drink eight cups of lemonade;

go to bed at 10:00 at night, rarely stay up late, do skin management regularly.

each of these things looks simple, easy to do once or twice, but she has been holding on for 10 years.

under the compound interest of the beauty accumulated over time, her overall temperament has long exceeded that of ordinary people.

the skin is fair, clear and shiny; the figure is free of fat and the lines are tight.

the whole person looks very light, although the front is the face of an adult woman, the back looks like a maiden temperament.

some people say that life is so busy and revolves around husbands and children all day, how can they spend so much time on themselves? this idea itself is problematic.

only the woman who loves herself well can stick the whole family together like glue.

Women are born with a love of beauty, and beauty is a romantic brilliance that shines on the gloom of life.

No matter how busy it is, keep the whole house clean and tidy; no matter how tired you are, don't abandon your education about beauty.

I have heard a saying: anyone who keeps a love of beauty will not grow old.

even the old god can do nothing about a woman who loves beauty.

stay happy

some people say: "appearance is a frozen expression, expression is an instant appearance."

look at the people around you, and you will find:

people who often smile have a rising arc in the corners of their mouths and have a pleasant face.

people with sad faces fight with all kinds of lines on their faces, which are all traces of emotion.

I have heard a self-media blogger talk about his secret book of happiness.

when I was a child, every time I came home from school, my mother always asked him what happy things happened at school today.

he painstakingly told his mother some interesting things that happened today, dancing while talking, and finally the mother and son laughed and finished.

over time, he formed a habit of always discovering happy things, but forgetting all those unhappy things.

he said that he is now very grateful to his mother for her upbringing.

and his mother will find the advantages in him, and she will praise him every time she finds him.

every time I am praised, the atmosphere at home is relaxed and pleasant.

his self-confidence and optimism are the treasures brought to him by his mother.

he later learned that it was not difficult to stay happy, but he was good at discovering and expressing.

Gorky said: "Happiness is the greatest thing in life."

Life passes by suddenly, there is no problem that can not be solved, life is just difficult to pass.

Happiness is also a day, anxiety is also a day, it is better to have peace of mind and be happy.

Life is worth it and should not be wrinkled by unpleasant things.

being happy is the best health care product. People who smile a lot will stretch their eyebrows and brighten their eyes.

the secret to staying young is to be happy.

keep making progress

often see such a scene on the Internet:

the young people in their 20s are depressed with their dead wages, and the 60-year-old people are bright-eyed when they learn new knowledge.

you want to ask me which of these two kinds of people is younger?

I definitely choose the latter.

We have misunderstood the word "young" all the time.

the poet Samuel said this in Youth:

Youth is not a time, but a state of mind;

Youth is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees, but a matter of deep will, great imagination, and passionate love.

Youth is the deep spring of life.

everyone will grow old, but people who are young can live in a young state all the time.

I know a fan's grandmother, who is 59 years old and has nothing to do with shooting videos and posting Douyin.

her video content is about eating every day and getting along with her wife every day.

Be outstanding and elegant on any occasion by choosing homecoming dresses for tall girls. Spend time and consider this selection.

at first, she couldn't shoot or cut videos, so she asked her grandson of the post-00 generation for advice.

After her grandson finished teaching, she began to figure it out for herself.

when I first sent a few videos, not many people followed me, and Grandma was in no hurry.

as there are more and more videos and better shots, the number of fans increases.

now, Grandma is a local well-known elderly online celebrity, who is much higher than Sun Tzu's fans.

chatting with Grandma, she is familiar with the current buzzwords and has no generation gap at all.

Grandma has a good state of mind and feels like a young man.

once, we asked Grandma, "how to stay young?"

Grandma unexpectedly gave us a sentence:

"the best way to stay young is not to apply a mask, but to learn for life!"

No one can stop the pace of time, but it is up to you to decide how to live.

I have heard a saying like this:

"people begin to grow old in the heart, and wrinkles have something to do with youth, not beauty."

keep learning, be curious about the world, no matter how your face fades, but you are always enthusiastic in your heart. this is the true youth.

when he reaches a certain age, he looks young and depends on his ability.

I have seen a lot of people who are good-looking when they are young, but lack of self-management after middle age, so they soon become fat and obese.

has also seen a lot of people, in the past is not prominent, with the figure, appearance management, gradually become a rising star, the aura is so powerful that people can not take their eyes off.

the way you treat your body, your figure will be presented in the same way.

although we can't decide what we look like at first, we can finally control what we don't want to live to be.

when people reach middle age and look young, it is a choice, a kind of self-discipline, and also the result of hard work.

, may you look young and live a beautiful life after middle age.