Just the right happiness (wake up after reading)
Just the right happiness (wake up after reading)
Those who know the blessings are blessed, and those who cherish the blessings stay.



Bi Shumin studied medicine when she was young.

at that time, an old health worker taught her how to give patients an injection.

when it comes to disinfection steps, the old health worker told Bi Shumin that disinfection can only use 75% alcohol, not the stronger the better.

because 75% alcohol happens to be effective in destroying bacteria, while higher concentrations of alcohol block the penetration of the drug solution into the body.

Bi Shumin has always kept these words in mind. Later, with the increase of her experience, she realized more and more the meaning of the words:

"the concentration of alcohol should not be too high, beyond that optimal value, the result will be counterproductive. It's the same with happiness. Don't be insatiable. "

Yes, we often think that the more happiness we get, the better. But in fact, things are reversed at the extreme, and mistakes are cumbersome.

even if there are thousands of houses, no bed at night, and ten thousand mu of fertile land, you only need three meals a day.

only the happiness that happens to be in your hands is true happiness.

the more you covet, the more you lose

people live in the world, each has his own needs, some pursue fame, some seek profit, some seek wealth, some ask for love.

but when you go too far and get caught up in a busy camp, the more you want, the more you will lose.

the movie "Donkey gets Water" interprets a tragic story in the form of a seemingly comedy.

several teachers work in a remote mountain primary school.

everyone lived a miserable but peaceful life until one day, the school was informed that someone was coming to visit.

and this incident caused waves because there was a donkey in the school, which was usually used as a means of fetching water.

but no one is willing to pay for the donkey, so they make up the donkey as a person, name it "Lu Deshui" and fill it on the list of teachers, so that the donkey can also enjoy the salary of a teacher.

after learning that someone was coming, everyone took part in the scam in order to fulfill the lie.

they hired the blacksmith to impersonate "Lu Deshui". During the first inspection, because the blacksmith performed well and successfully muddled through, they also received a reward of 30,000 yuan.

but when the inspection came again, the situation was completely beyond their imagination.

first, the blacksmith began to put forward conditions to threaten teachers, and there were severe conflicts between teachers because of disputes over interests and emotions, so absurd situations occurred one after another.

their original purpose is actually very simple, just want to feed a donkey, but with the increasing temptation, everyone gradually lost the bottom line, lost themselves.

the biggest victim is Zhang Yiman, a female teacher.

in this farce, with a cheerful personality, she was not only forced to have a nervous breakdown, but also fell into a situation of ruin.

Life is like this sometimes, walking, it is easy to forget the original intention, trapped by all kinds of greed.

all gains have a price, and things that do not belong to you, even if temporarily owned, will be lost in another way.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "there is no greater evil than discontentment, and no greater guilt than desire."

what people fear most is that they still want it when they have it, and they still want it when they have it, and they are always in a state of dissatisfaction.

in the end, I found that I had picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelons.

reduce desire to be happy

if you compare life to a spiritual practice, then along the way, it is a process of constantly balancing desires and abilities.

A lot of troubles and pains stem from wanting a lot of things, but lack of self-ability.

as a result, I can only allow myself to live harder and harder under the pressure of desire.

the writer Mai Jia once told a story of his own.

after the TV series "plot" and the movie "the Wind" became popular, he was once praised as the "father of espionage" by the film and television circles, and publishers and producers came to him with money to ask him for a new book.

in the praise of the outside world, he started a crazy creative mode for three years in a row.

however, the pursuit of quantity is bound to sacrifice quality, and several of his works have been mediocre and even received a lot of bad reviews since then.

even when his father was terminally ill, the Mai family missed the last meeting with their father in order to catch up with a novel.

this incident became the biggest regret of his life.

at the urging of the publisher, he could only finish the last few thousand words of the novel in front of his father's funeral hall.

but writing so helplessly has long lost its meaning to him.

when he reflected on the past on the program "Let's talk", he finally admitted that he was lost in front of desire at that time.

the Mai family, who used to spend 13 years writing a novel, often warned themselves to exercise restraint.

but when he became famous, in the face of sudden fame and pursuit, he forgot the warning he had given to himself.

"this is man. Man himself has gravity, and desire is the greatest self-respect." Under this inertia of self-respect, it is easy to let you go down the river. "

as an ordinary person, you may not experience ups and downs like celebrities, but similar difficulties occur from time to time.

that's why we often hear this.Get more and more, but more and more unhappy.

because the choices you make are often not from the bottom of your heart, but are drawn by desire without knowing it.

you think you are creating happiness for yourself, but in fact, you are destroying the happiness you already have step by step.

Happiness is not as much as possible, but just right

it is often said that when you are young, happiness is a very simple thing; when you grow up, simplicity is a very happy thing.

in fact, happiness is an experience, a state of mind.

if you always find happiness too difficult now, most of the problems lie in that your measure of happiness is too harsh.

I have read a story.

A woman was sitting by the river when she happened to meet an old man passing by and told her sadly about all kinds of misfortunes she had encountered.

after listening patiently, the old man said nothing more, but made an appointment with the woman that he would come back here at the same time tomorrow and he would bring her an answer.

the woman showed up for the appointment on time, while the old man brought five pieces of paper.

it says the answer to the same question: if possible, what is the greatest happiness you want?

the woman read the answer and wrote on the paper: "have a home", "have parents who love me", "have bright eyes", "can listen to birds singing", "can get up and walk."

these answers make women very confused.

so the old man took her to see five people who answered the questions. it turned out that they were five children, and they all had special identities, namely, abandoned children, orphans, blind people, deaf-mute people and paralyzed people.

compared with them, what women have is the sum of the greatest happiness of five people, and it is more than enough.

after seeing the children, the woman cried again, but this time, she shed tears of happiness.

for a hungry man, a good meal is enough to satisfy him.

for those who are satisfied, the standard of happiness may evolve into more wealth, a bigger house, a higher status.

it is praiseworthy to have expectations and prospects for life.

but if you measure happiness only by the amount of material you have, you are pinning your hopes in the wrong place.

do not want too much, do everything according to your ability, with one step at a time efforts, slowly achieve inner abundance and prosperity, so that everything becomes just right.

at this time, your happiness can be firmly grasped.

as the old saying goes: happiness is like shoes on the feet, no matter how outsiders think, whether they are fit or comfortable, only you know.

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Life is like drinking water and knowing whether it is warm or cold.

never envy what others have, let alone make unnecessary comparisons.

in this troubled and complicated society, we should keep the pure land for ourselves, let the expectations be right, and make life come true.

those who know their blessings are blessed, and those who cherish their blessings stay.

you don't have to have everything, it just happens to be there, which is great happiness.

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