It is not character or ability that determines a person's fate.
It is not character or ability that determines a person's fate.
May you and I soar in the mountains and rivers like eagles, magnificent as far as we can see.


in life, we often see a phenomenon:

some people have similar personalities and abilities, but their destinies are very different.

what opens the gap between people?

Zeng Guofan said: for those who seek great things, the most important thing is the pattern.

character and ability determine a person's lower limit, while pattern affects a person's upper limit.

as broad-minded as you are, how long-term your vision is, and how extraordinary your courage is, the world you see is as big as it is.

so, whatever pattern you have, you will have your life.

people who have a pattern can take it easy

Bai Yansong gave a speech at Sun Yat-sen University.

speech, he said that a student complained to him that he was experiencing the darkest moment of his life and was simply unable to live.

what exactly is it? But I didn't get admitted to Tsinghua University as a graduate student.

Bai Yansong asked, "do you think this is a setback?"

the student nodded firmly.

but Bai Yansong believes that a person's life is not good, usually because the pattern is too small.

in his view, people with small patterns have something in common: they habitually magnify everything and look at everything with a negative and pessimistic attitude.

Life is not as good as nine times out of ten, but it is not the event itself that defeats a person.

the same thing may be a big problem in the eyes of people with small patterns.

in the eyes of people with a large pattern, it is an opportunity for growth.

writer Liu Yong wrote a story in his book.

A classmate has been working for many years, but he still stays at the grass-roots level, and the benefits promised by the boss have not been fulfilled for a long time.

as a result, he often complains that his boss is black-hearted and cruel in the workplace.

when Liu Yong learned of this, he deliberately said to him, "such a bad boss, it's okay not to do it." But how can you work for so long in vain? you always have to learn more before you change jobs. "

after hearing this, he found it very reasonable and began to look for the deficiency of business ability.

not only stay and work overtime every day, but also actively improve my English and learn how to write business documents.

even when the worker repaired the photocopier, he took notes carefully.

half a year later, Liu Yong asked him if he still wanted to change jobs.

he smiled and replied, "No more job-hopping. The boss is impressed with me now, giving me a promotion and a raise."

the so-called big pattern is to know how to change the way you look at things.

put your mind at ease, do things well, and the situation will change with it.

people with small patterns are used to magnifying difficulties and become trapped in endless complaints.

people with large patterns are good at bearish crises and turn their luck in positive attempts.

as Yu Qiuyu said:

"once the pattern of life is large, people will not sink in trivial makeup."

when things happen, they often stand high and look from a distance, and those who cannot cross the hurdle will become an upward road.

people with patterns know how to choose

read a story about entrepreneur Terry Gou.

many years ago, the business he founded had just started when he received a huge order.

as long as the order is completed, the enterprise can stand out from the fierce competition in the industry.

but Terry Gou made a surprising decision, inviting several struggling peer companies to do it together.

employees said they did not understand, but he said: "Competition is certainly a good thing, but there must be cooperation in competition, mutual benefit and win-win in order to create a better business environment."

not only did he tide over the difficulties, but he also became the richest man in the area.

all this is due to his win-win situation.

he thinks:

what a person thinks of himself and the people around you determines the pattern of the self.

if a person takes a long-term view of himself, the space will be wider, and he will not attach too much importance to gains and losses.

sometimes, you can get a long-term return by daring to give up your immediate interests.

haggle over everything, win the small profits at present, and lose the bright future in the future.

colleague Xiao Liu is a person who is particularly afraid of losing money.

every time the leader asks him to work overtime, he is afraid that he won't get overtime pay.

when eating together, he always rushed to get the best seat and rushed to sit in the back row when taking a taxi home.

over time, his colleagues did not like him, and the leader did not like him.

although he has a high educational background and good performance, it is not his turn to get promoted every time.

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even if he takes the initiative to fight for it, he will be rejected by the leader on the grounds of inexperience.

he was clearly born and qualified, but he was defeated by the shrewdness of his own organization.

Ma Dong once said:

"our lives often ignore a river because we see a boat."

A person with a small pattern sees only the immediate interests, and often loses the big because of the small.

people with large patterns stand on the top of the mountain, have others in their hearts and have heaven and earth in their eyes, so that they can win in the end.

the more afraid of losing, the more likely it is to suffer big losses.

and to learn to make way for others is to pave the way for your own life.

people with patterns, there are no restrictions

Zhang YimouA spy photo blockbuster "on the Cliff" was released and received rave reviews from the audience.

some people say that Zhang Yimou deserves to be a "master" and can beat a group of younger generations at random.

but no one was born a master. From obscurity to public attention, he won by never setting limits on himself.

more than 30 years ago, he graduated from the Film Academy with a dream of directing and became a photographer in charge of the film crew.

while working on the crew of "Old well", he was accidentally chosen by director Wu Tianming and invited him to play the leading actor.

having no acting experience, he did not flinch, went to the countryside to experience life, and took part in dangerous movements himself.

in the end, he perfectly shaped the role, was deeply appreciated by the director, and got the chance to direct the film.

his later works, such as "alive" and "Red Sorghum", won awards at home and abroad one after another, and became a respected director.

after his success, he was not limited to being a film director, but took over the task of directing the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

after two years of planning and creation, he completed a magnificent event and was respected as a "master".

Today, at the age of 71, he is still active in front of the stage, challenging different types of films such as espionage, police and bandits, literature and art, and trying to shoot TV dramas.

such exuberant creativity is impressive. Writer Xu Zhiyuan commented: "for more than 40 years, no one has made such extensive attempts like him, even in a highly restricted environment."

never rest on his laurels, constantly exploring new possibilities, bringing him to the top again and again.

how wonderful life is depends on the breadth of the dabble, the height of the goal and the ambition of the pattern.

as the writer he Quanfeng said:

"what one thinks of is' what can I do'at the moment, and such people can only do things within the scope.

some people think about what I'm going to do in the future, and they can often break through the limitations of the present. "

it is advisable to have a long view of the scenery, and to increase courage and wisdom at the height of the climb.

be content with the present and stay in the comfort zone. In the end, you will get nothing but waste time.

if we look to the future and broaden our own boundaries, we will sooner or later achieve a strategically advantageous position and extraordinary insight.

break through the self, jump out of the shackles, in order to have a more brilliant journey of life.

your pattern determines your ending

I have heard a metaphor about pattern:

Life is like a pool, and your pattern determines how deep and big the pool is.

if your pool is only square inch in size, no matter how much water you pour into it, the pool will soon be full.

No matter how great a person's achievement is, it is not as great as his pattern.

your attitude towards people, the way you look at problems, and the breadth of your life planning will affect your destiny.

the state of mind is too impetuous, it is filled with chicken and dog pieces, and can only be confined to a square inch of land.

when you have the universe in your chest, all you want to do is to climb high and look far away, and eventually you will appreciate the clarity of heaven and earth.

the pattern is different, the scenery you see is also different.

May you and I soar in the mountains and rivers like eagles, magnificent as far as you can see.

Lin Jing is a radio host who graduated from the Chinese Department. Wish that after many years, the story will no longer hurt people, the sun is still warm, you are so charming. Let my voice and other people's stories accompany