In your whole life, there will always be someone to cross you.
In your whole life, there will always be someone to cross you.
All the experiences in life are the meaning of your moving forward.


Sakyamuni once said:

"it is no accident that no matter who you meet, he is the right person in your life."

the people you have met are destined to meet, and what you do is destined to be done.

in one's life, there will always be someone to cross you.

those who are nice to you will give you warmth

there is always someone who comes to your life and softens time.

Xiaoqing failed in the college entrance examination and was admitted to a second-class university. at the beginning of her freshman year, she was so depressed that she couldn't pick herself up when she did anything.

coupled with the fact that I was born in the countryside, when I came to the university, I found that the people around me were very different from myself.

herself is also sensitive and inferiority complex, so she closes herself up.

until she met a girl in an elective course.

that girl's name is Si Si, which is excellent in her eyes, and she came to this school because she failed the list.

but unlike her, thinking is very positive and likable.

Si Si often takes the initiative to look for her, so she gradually opens her heart and becomes good friends with Si Si.

Si Si knows her state and many inner thoughts, so she often encourages her and helps her.

from appearance to heart, teach her how to socialize, how to get along, grow her up, turn her from an inferiority complex girl into a confident and sunny girl, and make her look beautiful.

Xiao Qing said:

"meeting a friend who really loves you will give you a lot of motivation, will help you out of the trough and make you better."

when they were seniors, they had the same goal and were admitted to graduate school, so they cheered each other on and went to the library together.

in the end, they lived up to their efforts and were admitted to graduate students in the same famous university!

We all meet some people who exchange warmth with each other and share the joys and sorrows of life.

people who are good to you will give you a hand and give you warmth when you are in trouble.

people who are good to you will also share their joy with you when you are happy.

writer Xue Xiao Zen said:

"the more you go forward, the more you find that you want to be with a warm person, she gives you energy, gives you time, and makes you feel grand in this world."

Thank you for every meeting, thank you for everyone you meet, and make our life colorful.

those who hurt you make you strong

Life will always meet some people who hurt you, but their appearance is not meaningless, but to cross you and make you stronger.

Zhang Youyi married Xu Zhimo when she was young. at that time, their marriage was arranged by family, not because they were in love.

after marriage, Zhang Youyi was not liked by Xu Zhimo. She was often disliked and regarded as a country bumpkin. Xu Zhimo also compared their marriage to "small feet and suits."

but without complaint, she still does housework and takes care of children for him at home.

Xu Zhimo later went to study abroad and met and fell in love with Lin Huiyin.

he called Zhang Youyi to the United States, forced her to divorce and let her abort her second child.

after the divorce, Zhang Youyi secretly gave birth to her second son. Instead of giving up and being depressed, she was determined to make herself strong.

she worked hard abroad to specialize in academic studies, crazily made up on her homework, worked hard to make money, and made herself an independent woman.

whether she works in a bank or in the clothing business, she does a lot of work.

in middle age, she fell in love with a doctor who was sincere and gentle.

they traveled to England and Germany together to share a sweet life.

facing Xu Zhimo's abandonment, she said:

"I can't grow up without him, and I can't find myself."

writer Roman Roland once said:

"Life is like a torrent. Without a hidden reef, you can't stir up a beautiful spray."

people who can't beat you will only make you stronger.

people who have hurt you, they have come to cross you and complete your life.

you have to thank them for who you are and who you are and who you are.

people who help you enlighten you

in the movie "living in Kyoto", the heroine Kangdong Kanai lives in Tokyo and encounters the trough of her life after resigning.

in order to make her heart calm, she went to Kyoto, where her uncle was located, and began her healing journey.

once her uncle asked her to repair an old vessel, and the shopkeeper taught her how to repair it.

the store manager told her, "in the face of incomplete utensils, just accept it calmly, don't pretend, don't hide it, and then try your best to repair it."

she asked, "even if it is incomplete, can it be considered a good thing?"

the manager replied patiently:

There are nothing better than one of our prom dresses for midgets. Shop now and enjoy the fast delivery and good costumer service.

"Yes, imperfection does not detract from its charm, but rather that it is beautiful in itself, and some people think that its imperfection is its attraction.

it looks good if it is repaired with gold repair technology; if it is not repaired, it will look good if it is left like this. "

it dawned on her that yes, in fact, life is the same.

there are happy and sad, sometimes the trough, will not affect their own value and charm, just look at it with a normal heart.

her uncle also asked her to ride a bike and take a hand-drawn map to look for eels for dinner and look at the shopkeeper seriously.Cooking ingredients. She slowly felt the essence of life.

my uncle said to her:

"if you like something, you have to find it yourself, smell it and find it." It is a freedom to find what you like in person. "

as a result, she rekindled her passion for life and began to devote herself to her new life.

writer Anthony once said:

"in life, there is always unexpected warmth and endless hope."

there are always some people who come with tenderness in the crowd.

there is always some fate, the years are cold and warm, never give up company.

all the experiences of life are the meaning of moving forward.

to meet someone who is kind to you is to make you feel love and warmth.

meet someone who hurts you so that you can learn to hold an umbrella for yourself.

meeting people who help you is to make you understand the philosophy of life.

, may the kindness you receive warm the time at your fingertips, and may the bitter water you swallow turn into blessing one day.