In this life, there is cause and effect.
In this life, there is cause and effect.
The moment we send out our kindness, the retribution has already begun.

when it comes to cause and effect, many people will think it is superstition.

this is not the case.

the so-called causality is karma. "cause" is the cause, also called karma; "effect" is the result, also called retribution.

cause and effect is not defined or created by anyone, but an objective law.

cause and effect is the truth of life and the principle of doing things.

people have cause and effect all their lives.

there is a saying in Daojing: "the way of heaven has no relatives, and it is often with good people."

if a person has good thoughts and good deeds, from filial piety to his parents, to caring for his family, and likes to help others, then he will invisibly accumulate blessings for himself and quietly change his destiny.

Wang Chong recorded an allusion in on Heng Fu Xu:

King Hui of Chu once found leeches while eating cold sauerkraut, so he swallowed the leeches, and then he could not eat because of abdominal illness.

Ling Yin asked King Hui of Chu how he got the disease.

King Hui of Chu replied:

"there are leeches in vegetables, which should be a capital sin according to the law. If I only verbally scold the people in the kitchen and do not execute them, I would be repealing the law. "

King Hui of Chu said, "if I really investigate and behead the cook, I don't have the heart to do so." I was afraid that the people next to me would see it, so I swallowed the leech. "

after hearing this, Ling Yin immediately kowtowed and said, "I have heard that the Tao of Heaven is not close to each other, but only helps people with virtue." The king is benevolent, and with the help of heaven, illness will not cause harm. "

that night, King Hui of Chu discharged leeches when it was convenient for him to go to the toilet, and all the abdominal lumps he had suffered from for many years were cured.

the lumps on the abdomen of King Hui of Chu are probably blood stasis.

in order to save the cook's life, he swallowed leeches, but inadvertently cured his long-lasting disease, which is the result of the monarch's kindness.

Life is like a tree, and kindness is the dewdrops on the leaves that embody the essence of life.

any words, deeds and actions in life have actually made you who you are today.

the goodness that has been planted will always inadvertently return unexpected good luck to you.

people are always mutual.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed. If you give the world some love, the world will return some love to you.

I will return the favor when you put in the peach; if you give help in time, I will help you with righteousness; if you give to others, others will reciprocate to you.

during the warring States period, there was a guest named Feng Kui under the door of King Meng Chang.

Feng Kui usually eats in the house and does nothing, but he puts forward a lot of demands on treatment, so he is not liked by Meng Chang. U3000

later, because of the shortage of funds to provide for his customers, Mr. Meng Chang sent him to Xuedi to collect debts.

Feng Kui went to Xueyi and asked the staff to summon all the villagers who should repay their debts to check the bonds, but burned the IOUs of the poor villagers who were unable to repay them in public.

when Feng Jie returned to life a few days later, Mr. Meng Changjun was very angry.

Feng Zhi said:

"Xue Di is in hardship. I burned bonds that are of no use. Although I did not bring money, I brought you righteousness."

although Mr. Meng Chang did not punish him, he was quite dissatisfied.

A few years later, when King Meng Chang was suspected by the monarch, he handed over his seal and went to Xuedi for refuge. The people of Xue went out of the city ten miles to meet him and thanked him for his kindness.

when Mr. Meng Chang saw these subjects who supported him, he realized what Feng Zhi had brought to him.

because of Xue Di's support, Meng Chang was not defeated. Later, the King of Qi changed his mind and recalled Meng Chang again.

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King Meng Chang avoided a storm and consolidated his position in the court.

there is a saying in the Book of songs:

"throw me papaya and repay it with Qiongyi. If a bandit returns, he will always think it is good! "

cause and effect must treat a person in his own way.

if you are mean, others will be bitter to you; if you are generous, others will sing in return; if you are kind and generous and sincere to each other, there will be people willing to share weal and woe with you.

if you are selfish and hypocritical, everyone will avoid you.

someone asked:

"Why don't so many bad people around me get retribution, while the good ones don't get good retribution?"

some people also think: "everything in life is accidental, there are no causes and consequences."

the Nirvana Sutra says:

"the retribution of good and evil is accompanied by a shadow; the third generation of cause and effect does not lose the cycle."

means that there are three reports of karma:

A present report, a reward of good and evil, and a reward of suffering and happiness;

Ersheng report, or previous homework report in this life, or homework in this life;

three-speed report, immediate homework, reported now.

in history, the reason why every family can not decline, the emergence of a large number of talents has its special background and the law of causality.

there is no way to jump out of the law of "there must be Yu Qing in the house of accumulating goodness, and there must be leftover seedlings in the house of bad accumulation".

as an official, Fan Zhongyan worked diligently, loved the people and rewarded talents, while living in his hometown was frugal and benevolent.

all his life, he established Yizhuang, built water conservancy, raised talents, set up Yitian, Xingyi School, and helped the poor. there are numerous good deeds in his life.

his family has been prosperous for 800 years, and future generations continue to reproduce, which has a lot to do with his virtue.

"Caigen Tan" says: "the heart is the root of the descendant."

means that a person who can have a kind heart is tantamount to planting the seeds of happiness for future generations.

there is cause and effect in everything in the world, and every good deed you do today will be your future blessing.

the moment we send out our kindness, the retribution has already begun.