If you don't like it, the whole country is unified.
If you don't like it, the whole country is unified.
Only when we bid farewell to the past bravely can we welcome a fresh start.

A lovelorn friend said to me:

"I still can't figure out why we broke up. I can't figure out why he suddenly doesn't love me."

maybe a lot of people have had this experience.

you love more and more deeply, but the other person is tired, obviously nothing hysterical has happened, but when you are together, you can say less and less, and the feeling between each other is getting weaker and weaker.

when I first got together, I didn't get tired of sticking together 24 hours a day. When I send voice and video on Wechat every day, the topic seems to be endless.

you take the initiative to do a lot of things for him, learn to cook, do housework, and restrain your temper.

when it comes to birthdays and holidays, you can't wait to start preparing three months in advance.

when he loves you, he is also available on call, takes the initiative to bring flowers to see you, you want to have a barbecue in the middle of the night, he runs around the city half of the city to bring you his favorite kebabs.

you don't have sense of security. He tells you every day about his itinerary, where he went, who he met, and what he did.

everything seems to be going well, and it seems to be too smooth, and the passion is so accelerated that there is little left.

it is normal for him to lose his patience with you. It is normal for him not to answer phone calls or return messages. You no longer expect anything from him and no longer share your daily life with him every day.

nothing happened, but you just slowly withdrew from each other's world and went farther and farther away until you disappeared


even when he finally broke up, you didn't feel sad, but you felt relieved.

this is how care and ex are separated.

in the first month of a relationship, they make at least one phone call every day for two or three hours and meet every few days.

then it lasted for more than half a year, until Gu Gu said that she wanted to see him and planned to book a ticket to find him. The other party said not to come. I was going on a business trip this week.

Gu Gu suddenly felt a little depressed. "I thought we were supposed to meet," she said.

"not available now."

"I feel like you don't care about me as much as you used to."

the other party replied quickly:

"if you think so, I can't help it."

"do you want to break up?"


there may be many reasons for deciding to be together, and the words that have been said to be good to you, not to hurt you, and to live up to you are also true.

but then want to separate, do not want to continue only one reason, that is, do not love.

it is false to say that you are not sad, but there is no other way but to let go.

when love becomes love, across the middle is a whole once, no matter how hard you try, you can't go back, even if you get back to the past, you can't go back to the beginning.

in the later We, Lin Jianqing and Xiaoxiao were reunited after a long separation ten years later, and he asked:

"if you hadn't left at that time, would we have been different later?"

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and Xiao Xiao said:

"if you had the courage to get on the subway, I would have stayed with you for the rest of my life."

in fact, the conversation is not now, but the regrettable beginning, and the future that will not be changed.

"what if you hadn't broken up with me then?"

"then we'll break up later."

"what if we just ignored it at that time and we were married?"

"then we've been divorced for years."

those who are not destined to be together will be separated sooner or later.

this life is long, the encounter happens every day, and the farewell never stops.

from strangers to familiarity, from familiarity to strangeness. From congenial to parting ways, from meeting too late to never seeing each other.

Life is such a process of meeting and saying goodbye, owning and losing.

so no matter who comes and goes, I will always accompany you, from beginning to end, it is only yourself.

"many nodes in life are figured out all of a sudden, nothing big has happened, and there is no expert advice, that is, the sun is shining or the rain is majestic, stare at the people flowing away from their eyes, and let go with a sigh."

only by saying goodbye to the past bravely can you welcome a fresh start.

, let's not look back and forget about the old days.

after all, no one is what he used to be. He has a deep affection and a shallow affection. When he or she gets together and breaks up, I hope we don't have to see each other again. Everyone is happy.

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