If the pattern is bigger, life will go smoothly.
If the pattern is bigger, life will go smoothly.
For the rest of our lives, may we all build a big pattern and make the best of ourselves.



about the pattern, I have seen a very appropriate analogy:

looking down from the 20th floor, you can see the beautiful scenery; from the second floor, you can see clusters of rubbish.

people with large patterns stand high, and all they can see is the scenery.

people with small patterns stand low and everywhere they go is rubbish.

whether your life is scenery or garbage depends not only on where you stand, but also on your pattern.

A person with a big pattern, life is generally not too bad.

because if your pattern is bigger, the road will be wider and life will be smooth.

A person with a large pattern has a bearing

in the host contest, sa Beining said he always had a wish to arrive earlier than Kanghui one day.

any other time, as long as sa Bing walks into the dressing room, he will find that Kanghui has arrived and there will always be a pile of competition materials on the table.

so much so that sa Bing jokingly said: "Kanghui is a man who lives in a live room and a dressing room."

in fact, not only sa Bei, but also Dong Qing once sighed:

"Kanghui is famous for graduating from 'early arrival' Tian University. I have to arrive a little early to cooperate with teacher Kanghui. "

because arriving early is Kanghui's work attitude.

he is used to entering in advance every time he takes part in activities, and only when he is well prepared can he step on the stage.

of course, to tease and tease, sa Beining and Dong Qing are not jealous, but appreciate the advantages of Kanghui, appreciate his conscientious and responsible attitude for his work, and urge himself to try to learn from excellent people.

you will find that the larger the pattern, the more magnanimous the person is, and the more able he is to appreciate the excellence of others.

people who appreciate others are more likely to see the light and beauty of life.

as Bacon said:

there are morning clouds, dewdrops and flowers blooming all the year round in the heart of the viewer.

the indifference freezes the heart city, the four seas dry up, and the mountains are desolate.

people with a large pattern know how to appreciate others, accept their excellence, and are willing to applaud other people's achievements.

there is no jealousy in their hearts, there is no calculation in their eyes, there is only heartfelt appreciation and sincere praise.

this is not only a kind of demeanor, a kind of wisdom and realm, but also a manifestation of a large pattern.

in a person's life, I hope we can all have peace of mind, accept the excellence of others, appreciate the beauty of others, learn from the strengths of others, and become a better ourselves.

people with large patterns have temperature in doing things

see a story on the Internet:

A real estate agent, Mr. Han, wrote this sentence on moments:

"it was the people who defaulted on their rent in a difficult year that made their business rise."

it turns out that at the beginning of last year, Mr. Han rented his house to a recent graduate.

but affected by the epidemic, the college student unfortunately lost his job.

with no income, he has been begging Mr. Han to allow time.

but in fact, Mr. Han's life is not easy either.

several of the houses he has on hand have not been rented out, and no one is willing to rent even if the price is reduced.

however, thinking that college students do have difficulties, Mr. Han hesitated again and again and softened.

he not only promised to grant time, but also halved the rent for February and March.

I have heard a sentence:

people who do things with temperature live the most beautiful life in the world.

he will exude a kind of warm and compassionate power, that softness fills life with sunshine.

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people who do things in a warm manner will bring sunshine to other people's lives. In the same way, his life will be bright and warm.

just like Mr. Han, when he was worried that his house could not be rented out, the college students who had owed his rent brought him hope.

approaching the graduation season, college students introduced many younger brothers, sisters and fellow villagers to rent a house for Mr. Han, which greatly alleviated his financial pressure.

people are all mutual.

if you are kind to others, others will think of your kindness.

if you let others take one step, they will give you a foot of respect.

if you leave room for the other person, the other person will give you a hand.

sometimes, when we think about each other and leave room for others, it seems to be a loss, a "silly" behavior, but actually accumulating blessings for our own life.

people with large patterns have a temperature of doing things.

they know how to leave room, how to release goodwill, and how to know the beauty of tenderness and warmth.

and such people, in the future life, will also be treated kindly by others, will be treated gently by the years.

people with large patterns have thick personalities

A writer's desk once shared a story about Master Li, a decorator in his home.

Master Li was introduced by a friend and specifically stated that he did a very good job of decoration and took his work seriously and responsibly.

it turns out that this is indeed the case.

the cabinet made by Master Li is not only exquisite and beautiful, but also handled well in the details, so that no trace of nails can be seen at all.

what is even more commendable is that after the completion of the decoration work, Master Li also mentioned it for free.For after-sales service.

when the new house with the table has just been renovated, for some reason, the air switch of the switch is always tripping.

after calling Master Li to explain the situation, he came immediately.

but I looked into it for a long time, but I couldn't find out the reason.

I didn't find out until I crouched at the table for a day, because when the workers were doing the floor, they accidentally skinned the wire, resulting in the air switch always tripping when sending electricity.

after Master Li repaired it carefully, he went home with peace of mind.

and there are still many such things for Master Li.

A few years ago, Master Li decorated an owner in Beijing.

long after the renovation was over, Master Li suddenly received a call from the owner:

"Please come and take a look at it for me. There is something wrong with the decorated door and plumbing."

in theory, all the money for decoration has been collected, and if the after-sale problems are not dealt with, it all depends on conscience and character.

Master Li, he can choose not to go, because if he does, it will cost him the time and the fare.

but Master Li went anyway. without saying a word, he put down his work and rushed to the owner's house.

but in fact, the owner called him here not to deal with after-sale, but to give him a big business: decorating another villa.

dealing with after-sale is just a cover for the owner to test his character.

if he goes, he will do the job of decorating the villa; if he doesn't go, they will find someone else to do it.

later, Master Li took over the big business and made a profit of more than a hundred thousand.

sometimes, we always envy others that they are lucky, that they can make a lot of money, that they can have a prosperous career and that they can have a harmonious family.

but in fact, all good luck is traceable. Behind it is the character, the persistence and the original heart of being a man.

and the bigger the pattern, the better people understand that how far a person can go is determined by his character.

to the end of life, you are also fighting for character.

when you fix your character, all the good luck will come as promised, and all the good things will be intertwined.

writer he Quanfeng said:

whether a person is successful or not depends not on how many people he wins, but on how many people he has achieved.

the end of a person depends on how big he is.

the pattern of a person's life is really important.

A person's pattern can affect his future and determine his outcome.

and a person with a large pattern has the bearing, the temperature to do things, and the thickness of character.

they take a longer-term view, broaden their mind, and do not stick to temporary gains and losses, so that the road is getting wider and wider, and life will be more and more smooth.

, may we all build a big pattern and become the best of ourselves for the rest of our lives.