"I like to socialize with simple people."
"I like to socialize with simple people."
For the rest of your life, may you have all the goodwill and the good people you meet.


writer Lin Qingxuan likes to buy flowers very much.

once he heard a florist say that the brighter the flowers are, the less fragrant they are.

on the contrary, the purer the white flowers, the more beautiful the fragrance.

so he wrote in the book:

"it's the same with people. The more simple and simple people are, the more fragrant they are."

the same is true of communication between people.

the simpler the person, the more worthy of deep acquaintance; the more pure affection, the more worthy of treasure.

not everyone deserves your heart


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told such a story.

the mother of the table used to be very close to an aunt, who was very talkative and often made the mother of the table laugh.

but it wasn't long before my mother stopped talking to the aunt, and then they even cut off contact.

the table was puzzled and asked my mother what the reason was.

Mother told such a little thing.

it turns out that the mother of the table and the aunt once teamed up to do a small business and made a little money, so they agreed to share equally.

but one day, the aunt secretly tampered with the accounts and was greedy for some money, which was inadvertently discovered by the mother of the table, and there was clear evidence.

that is to say, she wants to be greedy for money and share out dividends in the accounts, which is too calculating and shrewd.

although the money is not much, you can see a person's mansion.

when her mother knew about it, she did not expose her, but silently tended to stay away.

afterwards, my mother said to the table:

"Don't get too close to people who are too complicated. First, you will be tired to get along with her, and second, you have no idea what the other person is up to. "

as the old saying goes:

"A war of words is not terrible, but a knife on both sides of the heart."

in a relationship, what we fear most is not that we can't change our hearts.

it was only after being stabbed that I realized that I had given my feelings to the wrong person.

sometimes, you give everything, but it's just a bargaining chip in the other person's eyes; if you dig into your heart, it's just a deal for others.

it takes a lot of experience to realize that friendships that are precious to you are not even worth mentioning in the eyes of complex people.

the leaves do not turn yellow in one day, and the hearts of the people do not cool in a day.

wasting time on someone who is not worth it is the greatest disappointment to life.

simple people deserve the most deep acquaintance

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: the gentleman is magnanimous, the villain is sad.

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only after seeing too many hidden tricks can I understand the value of simplicity and honesty.

when Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu first met, Qian Zhongshu came up bluntly: "I am not engaged."

after hearing this, Yang Jiang replied generously: "I don't have a boyfriend either."

A sentence and an answer has achieved a story that has been praised for a while.

after falling in love with Qian Zhongshu, Fei Xiaotong, who had pursued Yang Jiang, heard about it.

he specially came to talk to Yang Jiang, but Yang Jiang explicitly refused him.

Fei Xiaotong still didn't give up and used a circuitous method. He asked Yang Jiang if they could be friends.

Yang Jiang's practice of feeling together has always been: whether you like it or not, point out directly, and never drag your feet.

when Fei Xiaotong said this, Yang Jiang knew that he wanted to imperceptibly move her.

then sincerely and firmly told Fei Xiaotong: "Friends are OK, but if it is regarded as a transition to boyfriend and girlfriend, it is impossible."

after listening to Yang Jiang's words, Fei Xiaotong knew that he was hopeless, but he had some respect for Yang Jiang in his heart.

later, when the world was in turmoil, many people gradually lost contact, but Fei Xiaotong forged a lifelong friendship with Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu.

the best relationship, it should be.

there are no false tricks, only honest and frank sincerity; no careful temptation, only heartfelt understanding.

as Zhuangzi said:

"if you are true, you will be most sincere. If you are not sincere, you will not be moved."

people make friends with each other, the value lies in sincerity, and the victory lies in character.

complex artificial calculation, simple people always hold a true heart.

on the way of life, only by walking with simple people can you feel at ease and take your time.

it's not easy to spend the rest of your life with simple people

writer Ma de said:

"Life in this world, the happiest existence is not noise and prosperity, but simplicity and freedom." Simple, there is little attachment; freedom, no one is entangled. "

A comfortable relationship is better than a comfortable relationship. You don't need to work hard to maintain it, and you don't need to cater to it deliberately, just be yourself freely.

Jin Yong once wrote a preface to Cai Lan's, which mentioned the friendship between them.

he recalled that every time they got together, they would read together, talk about the past and the present, and be happy.

as long as I am with Cai Lan, the complexity and vulgarity of life will be left behind, leaving only the daily simplicity and purity.

sometimes they travel around the world together.

Cai Lan never complains that the food is not delicious, the car is too bumpy, or the female director.Is it beautiful to swim?

sometimes they go to different hotels and restaurants.

Tsai Lan can drink the worst spicy Italian wine with relish, and he can also taste different snacks in Singapore's Dapai stalls.

once upon a time, Jin Yong was in good health, and the two would smoke together. Since he had a heart attack, he can't smoke any more, but he still likes to stay with Cai Lan.

the two often whisper something unpleasant to others at the banquet, which is a pleasure to kill time.

do not talk about the pros and cons of money, do not climb wealth and glory, and do not attach fame and reputation.

simply get along with each other and piece together an excellent friendship that the world likes to talk about.

writer Su Qin said:

"at this age, no one wants to please anymore. Stay with whoever you are comfortable with, including your friends, and stay away when you are tired. "

Life is not easy.

instead of forcing himself to cater to the vanity of others, it is better to be with simple people.

when you are happy, you can party unscrupulously together, when you are bored, you can open your heart without reservation, and when you are sad, you can snuggle up to each other's shoulders.

at any time, to be able to drop all your guard and be yourself comfortably is the best state.

Hegel said:

"the greatest truths are the simplest, and similarly, the simplest people are the rarest."

when we were young, we didn't understand this truth, so we always traded a piece of sincerity for a body covered with bruises.

see a lot of human feelings cold and warm, the world is cold, only gradually understand that those complex people, can only accompany you for a journey, can not accompany you for life.

only a simple relationship can last long; a simple human heart is worth making a deep acquaintance.

May you get good intentions and meet good people for the rest of your life.

and people who are simple and kind-hearted will be happy and rich for the rest of their lives.