"Hongxing Erke, why are you out here again? disgusting!"
"Hongxing Erke, why are you out here again? disgusting!"
May the hearts of good people no longer be disappointed, and may every kindness be treated gently.

recently, there has been a torrential rain in Shanxi, and countless people have been jailed.

in order to support Shanxi, Hongxing Erke quietly donated 20 million materials.

including instant noodles, mineral water, miners' boots. They are all things urgently needed by the people of Shanxi.

this is a good thing in any way, but Hongxing Erke has been pushed into the limelight.

some people feel strange about yin and yang:

"it's so low-key and low-key that it didn't even appear on the national news network."

some people think they are smart and rational: "start this again, quietly buy hot search, really treat others as fools."

others directly scolded: "this enterprise is so hypocritical."

they turned a blind eye to the embarrassment of the people in Shanxi, but instead criticized Hongxing Erke's kindness.

I don't want to donate money, so I maliciously think that those who donate money are hype and show.

A rainstorm not only reflects the unity and kindness of people, but also exposes the distortion and unbearability of some people.

at a time when people all over the country are giving full assistance to Shanxi, such accusations and doubts are particularly harsh.

what is even more disturbing is that similar things have been happening over the years.

A month ago, the torrential rain in Zhengzhou stopped, the city was in ruins, and homes began to be rebuilt.

A Weibo post from the Henan Museum made my uncle cry again.

"all the 1 million yuan donated by Hongxing Erke to the Henan Museum will be used in the post-disaster reconstruction work."

at the beginning of the flood in Henan, poorly managed people have already donated 50 million yuan. Thinking of the difficulties in post-disaster reconstruction, they secretly lend a helping hand again.

in order not to attract attention, their official blog did not mention a word, but even if they were so low-key and so careful, they were still charged with "hype".

the same thing happened to Han Hong.

during the rainstorm in Henan, Han Hong immediately organized personnel to lead relief supplies to the disaster area.

after arriving at the scene, she personally distributed supplies and participated in the flood relief work. Finally, she fainted at the scene because of overwork, resulting in heart discomfort.

but after paying so much, the sprinklers still didn't let her go.

"is this disaster relief or filming?"

"those who didn't know thought that the leader had gone to inspect it."

finally, Han Hong


have no choice but to clarify myself on Weibo.

I have to say, I am really aggrieved for Han Hong.

in recent years, where there is a disaster, Han Hong can be seen, but every time Han Hong appears, it will attract countless criticisms.

time and again painstaking efforts to run busy, without hesitation of generosity, and finally in exchange for a variety of Yin and Yang strange mockery, how ironic, how chilling.

some time ago, the headmaster of a rural primary school in Yingtan, Jiangxi Province became popular.

his name is Zhang Zhanliang, and he has been making nutritious meals for the left-behind children in school for three years, recording it in the form of a short video and posting it on the Internet.

originally wanted to make more people pay attention to the current situation of left-behind children in rural areas, but unexpectedly reaped a large number of fans.

but when Zhang Zhanliang became popular, Zhang Zhanliang was also put on the hat of show.

in the face of these doubts, Zhang Zheliang was very calm. He not only made it clear that he did not accept donations, but also in his eyes:

"as long as it is good for the child, it is worth showing off."

didn't you find that as long as someone is angry, as long as someone is recognized by everyone, they will immediately become the targets of attacks.

it is said in the movie Fanghua: "these people are more serious than serious people."

they do nothing themselves, but often use the most stringent standards to ask others.

for them, people who do good deeds should keep a low profile and remain unknown.

in their eyes, as long as you have a little publicity, you have ulterior motives, hype and popularity.

I quite agree with this sentence:

"morality restrains itself, not condemns others."

instead of staring at other people's every move and wondering whether they are hype, you might as well take a look at what you have done.

isn't it good for those sprinklers who can only hide behind the screen and tap the keyboard to offer love by questioning others?

speaking of hype, I think of some things that happened during the rainstorm in Henan.

A rapper named "Child King DrakSun" posted a screenshot of donating 18000 yuan on Weibo.

and said that he wanted to PS 180000, because he saw other rappers donate hundreds of thousands.

with this promotion,

"DrakSun the King of Children"

gained a wave of favor.

unexpectedly, after checking his certificate number, netizens found that the screenshot was really ps, and he actually donated 100 yuan.

"DrakSun the King of Children"

when he saw that the fraud was exposed, he immediately apologized on Weibo, saying that he had made up an extra 18000 yuan at 12:00. I hope everyone will not give up on him.

but netizens turned around and found that the certificate of supplementary donation was also P.

it's really amazing.

after the disaster, countless enthusiastic netizens spontaneously rushed to Zhengzhou for support.

but there are also people who fish in troubled waters and seek under the guise of "disaster relief".About the traffic.

they bring their own rescue vehicles and boats, but they never participate in the rescue.

they seize the channel for disaster relief just to shoot all kinds of fake videos.

in order to get attention, even if it is 100 yuan, they have to rack their brains to play a "maximum role".

in order to get traffic, they do not hesitate to cheat and fool the public.

what about Hongxing Erke, which has been scolded for hype?

since the last time because of the popularity of donations to Henan, Hongxing Erke has not only not struck while the iron is hot, but has been urging netizens to treat it rationally.

the reporter wanted to go to their company for an interview, but they directly refused: "We want the fever to drop a bit."

if you look at Hongxing Erke's past donation records, you will find that Hongxing Erke's patriotism has never been said.

in 2008, during the Wenchuan earthquake, 3 million yuan in cash and 3 million yuan worth of materials were donated.

in 2020, 10 million yuan of materials were donated to the people of Wuhan during the epidemic.


Coming with the latest design, our new ninang sa kasal outfit is what you are missing. There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

this sum of materials and donations may be just a kind of ostentatious capital in the eyes of keyboard chivalry;

but for those who really need them, it is something that can really save lives.

if this is also a show, the uncle hopes that the more such "show", the better.

as Han Hong said:

"I used to be afraid to publicize public welfare for fear that people would say I was a show, but now the headlines are occupied by people who cheat and cheat. What happens if I have one more Han Hong to do charity show?

if public welfare is counted as a show, then I am willing to show it for the rest of my life! "

"the wood is better than the forest, and the wind will destroy it."

Hongxing Erke's out-of-the-circle is envious.

so it is to be expected to be besieged.

but I'm still scared.

I am afraid that more and more people will be misled by distorted views and throw dirty water at those who are honest and kind-hearted.

I am more afraid of good people's silence. I only want to be a bystander. I want to lend a helping hand, but I have to be afraid of the power of gossip.

this is not what we want!

"those who pay for all should not freeze to death in the wind and snow; those who open the way for freedom should not be trapped in thorns!"

if you have to be careful in charity, how helpless the people who really need help should be.

if you think twice about doing good deeds, who wants to be a good person in the future?

those enterprises that have given love, even marketing, deserve a hot search.

those who love in their hearts deserve our respect, even if they have flaws.

only when good people are rewarded will more people be encouraged to do good deeds.

Let goodwill return goodwill, and this society will be full of light and warmth.

, may the hearts of good people no longer be disappointed, and may every kindness be treated gently.