Heterosexual intercourse, the man who always says this sentence, already loves you to the bone.
Heterosexual intercourse, the man who always says this sentence, already loves you to the bone.
Happiness is not listening to how many sweet words, but: I am here.


I have heard a sentence:

people have three things that cannot be hidden: cough, poverty and love.

I think so. Love to the real place, a person's love will permeate in the treatment of your words and deeds, so obvious that you do not have to guess.

the man who always says this sentence already "loves you to the bone".

"you can have a rest if you are too tired. Let me do it."

I quite agree with one sentence:

my strength does not conflict with your tenderness. I am very happy to have you.

for everyone to mature, being strong is an indispensable part. But in addition to being strong, people also yearn for tenderness.

when I come home from work, I hope someone can squeeze his shoulder and beat his back.

when you are frustrated, someone is by your side to protect you from the wind and rain.

the person who really loves you is someone who knows you are brave, but tells you not to be so strong. "if you are too tired, you can have a rest. Let me do it."

after Sun Li and Huang Lei got married, they almost had a rest and devoted themselves to family parenting.

friends think Sun Li is too happy: "you don't even have to go into the kitchen."

but Huang Lei said he was the happy one: "Sun Li almost gave up her entire acting career for the sake of this family and children. How could I not be nice to her?"

when Sun Li was pregnant, Huang Lei accidentally broke his foot. Every day, with plaster and crutches, he has to find a way to make delicious food for his pregnant wife.


during her pregnancy, Sun Li gained 60 jin.

it is difficult and tiring for everyone to run a family together.

people who really love you can see your difficulties, understand your hardships, take the initiative to help you share, and stay by your side.

for the rest of your life, cherish the one who understands all the hardship behind you, and be in the same boat with his soul.

"you look good with a smile"

have seen such a scene:

A pair of homeless couples make a living by performing on the street. the man is playing the guitar and singing love songs, while the woman is holding her chin and listening attentively.

they looked at each other, smiling at the corners of their mouths and glowing in the fundus, as if the crowd and everything around them no longer existed.

this is probably like the appearance of a person, the corners of the mouth can not help but rise, eyes with stars, you are the whole world.

my cousin in primary school said the other day that he liked a girl, and we adults couldn't help laughing.

asked him with a smile, do you know what love is?

my cousin tilted his head and said very seriously:

every time I see her, I will be very happy. I will always tell jokes to make her laugh and play games with her. I want to make her happy. Isn't that love?

although it is said that children's words are not bogey, my cousin's naive words seem to tell the truth of liking a person.

when you seriously like someone, you most want to see each other's smile. I wish I could turn over three hundred chapters of the book day and night, find out all the topics in the world, and learn all the sweet words and witticisms.

he is not necessarily born with a good temper, nor is he a good talent for humor, but he always wants to bring you a good mood.

when you are with him, there are more smiles than tears.

"it's all right, I'm here"

Happiness is not how big the house is, but how sweet the laughter is in the room.

Happiness is not how many sweet words you listen to, but three simple words: I am here.

my good friend Xiaoxiao has a sweet story with her husband.

they know each other through blind dates, and they are vaguely interested in each other, but they are both shy personalities. Although they have met several times, they are both in the exploratory stage and have not seriously confirmed their intentions.

that is, shortly after knowing each other, Xiaoxiao accidentally had a small car accident, injured his leg and needed to be hospitalized.

the man loves the woman, and the woman also sees the man's heart, so the two hearts are getting closer and closer.

companionship doesn't mean being together all the time, but at the most important moment, he always stands behind you as soon as you look back.

really good love is not a momentary passion, but a guardian of a long stream of water, supporting each other and never giving up.

on the contrary, who wants to spend a lifetime with people who don't care about themselves?

blame you for being lethargic, but never care if you are tired or ill; blame your child for poor study, but never help him with his homework once.

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when people pursue love, they want to spend a lifetime with someone who loves them. He understands your uneasiness and fragility. He has been silently by your side and told you, "Don't be afraid, I'm here."

I agree with one sentence: all people in this world are lucky to be loved.

your sadness and sadness are listened to quietly;

someone will share your joy and happiness with you;

someone sets up with you at dusk, and someone asks you if the porridge is warm;

Don't take all this for granted. But double to take care of the person who cares about you, to cherish the person who speaks lightly to you, but loves you heavily.

May you be with those who love you for the rest of your life, looking at the water flowing east and the sunset falling, cherishing each other and being warm to each otherEnjoy a shallow time in firewood, rice, oil and salt.