For people who reply to Wechat in a second, they generally have these three meanings.
For people who reply to Wechat in a second, they generally have these three meanings.
No one will give his heart to someone who doesn't care at all.


I have heard a passage:

the four difficult times in life are eating half of eating and waiting for dishes, bathing and washing half of waiting for water, watching videos, watching half of ads, chatting and half waiting for your reply.

"reply to a message" is a very small action, but it can tell you a little about a person's upbringing and character.

people who like to reply to Wechat in a second have the following three temperaments.

reliable character

I remember that when I first came out to work, two colleagues asked me to borrow money before a holiday, saying that they wanted to go home. They didn't have enough to buy a plane ticket, so they borrowed it first and returned it when they got home.

at that time, I naively trusted my colleagues and lent it out. Shortly after work, I sent them a message: be safe and let me know when you get home.

one of my colleagues replied quickly. When he got home, he also took the initiative to tell me that he had arrived home. Then he transferred the money to me.

the other one did not reply to my message and did not return the money to me. Later I found out that he had left his job, so he didn't come back after the holiday.

attended a party with old colleagues some time ago, but the two of them didn't come. They listened to other colleagues talk about them:

the one who replied to me is now the leader of the project team and has won the trust of colleagues and leaders.

the one who left office started a business for a period of time, did not keep his word, and often lied to others. As a result, he lost all his money, owed debts, and hid for a long time. Since then, no old colleagues have contacted him.

sometimes, it is enough to see a person clearly and his attitude towards the reply message.

he is reliable, with an explanation for everything, a reason for everything, and an answer for everything.

when you associate with such a person, you don't have to worry about him disappearing suddenly, and you don't have to be afraid of what he promised to sink into the sea.

the great things are seen in the hearts of the people, and the trifles in the character. Whether a person is reliable or not is hidden in the details.

do not take perfunctory for granted, do not regard indifference as true temperament, do not let people's character, ruined by the reply message.

empty respect

imagine that you send a message to someone. How do you feel if the other person doesn't reply?

reply when you're done, it's easy to say, but not easy to do well.

it seems innocuous, but it is fundamentally a matter of respect for yourself and others.

although he has been out of society for a long time, what I admire most is the Chinese teacher in the second year of junior high school.

he is loved and respected by his classmates. Because of getting along with him, everyone feels respected.

he has taught many classes, but he remembers the names of each classmate.

if you ask him for advice, even if he is too busy at the time, you can always remember to answer later.

whenever you send a message to him, you can receive a reply within 12 hours;

or he will automatically leave a message: "Sorry, I'm at xxxx. I'll reply to your email on x-month-x-day." his response time must be the appointed day.

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as the writer Murong said: we are on two very high ridges, we can not look at each other, but we can hear your gentle voice.

attach importance to other people's news, reply in time, is a kind of education, a kind of character.

simply saying "receive", "good" and "get home safely" can also make people feel a sense of respect.

really care

Rao Xueman said a sentence:

"Don't ask him if he cares about you. If he does, he will be more afraid of missing it than you are."

I quite agree.

people who care about you will not snub you, your news is a kind of happy disturbance to him.

I particularly admire the marital status of my uncle and aunt. They have been married for almost 15 years and their relationship is still very good.

my aunt shared a few small details with me:

after going out in the morning, my uncle will tell my aunt in advance about any important itinerary.

sometimes my uncle has to work overtime, even if his aunt already knows about it, he will turn on a "strong reminder" to prevent his aunt from looking for him, but he misses it and fails to respond in time.

Auntie will keep in mind what my uncle said, maybe it's just a casual dish, and auntie will learn to cook it.

it is said that ordinary couples see true feelings in trifles.

they don't have too much time, but they miss each other, so their relationship has never been left out.

in the vast sea of people, it is a blessing and the happiest thing to meet someone who can disturb you at any time and take your every message seriously.

thanks to this warm affection, we dare to reveal our sincerity. In the ordinary time, cherish each other, support each other together, with the feelings of helping each other, send out a special light to illuminate the road to happiness.

there is a saying: "the most painful thing in life is not knowing who really loves you."

people who care about you can see you in their eyes and have you in their hearts, so they will respond to you timely and enthusiastically.

No one will give his heart to someone who doesn't care.

there are not many people who are really good to you in this world. If you meet, you must cherish it and don't miss it.