Don't wet yourself by holding an umbrella for others because of kindness.
Don't wet yourself by holding an umbrella for others because of kindness.
There is nothing wrong with kindness itself, but it must be a little sharp.


there is a saying like this:

"all poisons and all good medicines are only different in dose."

everything has its own law, and people should pay attention to a "degree":

when there is a degree, there is a sense of propriety, a degree of moderation, and awe.

kindness should also be moderate, and do not let the good medicine that warms a person's life turn into a deadly poison by mistake.

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Life is short and there are countless twists and turns. Kindness should be left to those who are worth it. Don't give others an umbrella and get yourself wet.

be kind to yourself first

A Zen master saw a scorpion fall into the water, so he reached out and fished it out, but was stung by a scorpion.

before long, the scorpion fell into the water again, and the Zen master reached out to pick it up and got stung again.

then the scorpion fell into the water again, and the Zen master was stung when he went fishing.

when the fisherman saw it, he asked:

"Why do you save a scorpion when it stings you again and again?"

the Zen master said: "it is its nature to sting people, and compassion is my nature."

the fisherman said to the Zen master:

"compassion is right, but be merciful to yourself first."

kindness is a lifelong practice, and excessive consumption of one's goodness is also a kind of stupidity.

while doing good, we should also ensure that we will not be hurt. Before being kind to others, we must first learn to live up to ourselves.

goodwill should be the treasure of the world and the light of human nature.

if good people are frequently disappointed, and if good people always suffer losses, is the world still a good world?

the apathy of the world was born from then on.

therefore, only on the premise of maintaining independent dignity and space, release goodwill to others as much as possible, warm others and protect yourself at the same time.

as Wang Xiaobo said:

"kindness is never an easy thing. Wrong kindness will not bring heaven to others, but will only drag you to hell."

those who are paid for all should not be frozen to death in the wind and snow. All kind people deserve to be treated kindly.

I hope that all those who plant flowers for others can also live in a garden.

tolerance has a bottom line, kindness should also be rational

Meng Fei said:

"someone asked you for help, but you were expected to help ten points, but you only helped seven points. For convenience, you felt that you were not righteous. Instead of thanking you, you felt that you owed him three points.

A lot of human grievances are out of this. "

from "good people are rewarded" to "good people are deceived", they are both kind, but the results are quite different.

be kind, it depends on the situation, and you should know enough is enough.

Sheng Mien, duo Mi Qiu, in this world, there are always many "abusive good people" who do not know how to refuse and would rather suffer their own losses and help others.

do not realize that the human heart can never be satisfied.

probably many honest people fall into the trap of "easy to bully" because of the other person's sentence "you are so kind, you will help me", and the inner sentence "it's embarrassing to refuse him".

however, the truth is that the other person will not thank you for a hundred times of help, but will scold you for one refusal.

as Chen Jiru's "the secrecy of the small window" in the Ming Dynasty said:

"treating others with endless grace can maintain an insatiable heart."

means that it is necessary to leave some superfluous and unexhausted favours to others in order to maintain the hearts of the people who will never be satisfied.

although kindness is a virtue, it has no measure of kindness, but it is a disaster.

Zhang Wuji has the highest martial arts and the greatest achievement in the shooting and carving trilogy, and is called by Jin Yong as the male master of "the strongest martial arts".

in his life, he gained profound blessings because of his kindness, but he was repeatedly deceived and framed because he was too kind.

Hayek said: "when good loses its principles, it may be worse than evil."

there is nothing wrong with being kind, but you can't be without principles. If you don't have principles, the other person will cross your bottom line.

when goodness runs rampant in the world without principle, it will become the greatest evil.

because it has created countless evil people in the name of goodness.

in this world, there is no shortage of goodness, what is lacking is reason and restraint. We should be kind people, but not blind and kind people.

the best life is kind and sharp

No one is wrong to be kind in nature, but don't let kindness become a tool for others to bully you.

before San Mao went to study in Spain, his parents repeatedly told him that it would be cheap to suffer losses.

when she first checked into the girls' dormitory in Spain, Sanmao often helped her roommates do housework.

three months later, making the bed, cleaning and fetching water became her own business, and even her wardrobe became a free fashion store for her roommates.

she wrote in her book:

"they say that to lose is to be cheap, but now I am really a cheap person."

until her roommates crowded into her bed to drink and fight, Sanmao was scolded by the dean, she decided to resist.

when she put aside her parents' advice and stopped responding to every request, she finally got the respect she deserved.

Bonnie Bo said:

"kindness is precious, but it has no teeth, and that is weakness."

people often decide their attitude towards you not by your friendliness, but by your strength.

when you are valuable, your efforts will be valued. Only when you are incomparably hard, will the world treat you gently.

as Yu Hua said:

"when we treat the world fiercely, the world suddenly becomes gentle."

there is nothing wrong with being kind, but there must be something sharp.

perhaps, being a person with a thorn in appearance is the most gentle rule in the adult world.