Don't tell anyone about these three things even if you rot in your stomach.
Don't tell anyone about these three things even if you rot in your stomach.
When you are alive, keep your mouth shut.

We all feel that the most important thing to get along with others is to be honest with each other. Only in this way can we open our hearts and speak freely.

although there is nothing wrong with this truth, but also because of being honest with each other, life can be easier and happier.

but this world is not a world in which everything can be said.

because everyone has dignity, everyone has his own weaknesses, shortcomings and scales.

if you don't care about what you think of the other person and put the other person's weaknesses on the table, it will certainly upset the other person.

even because these words do not choose words, and let themselves cause a lot of trouble.

so even if these things are rotten in your stomach, don't tell others easily to avoid causing trouble.

Don't laugh at others

when people are alive, the depth of Chengfu is not entirely a bad thing. Many people think that people who are deep in Chengfu are insidious and not worth communicating with.

but when people live in this society, they have to face all kinds of sinister hearts and intrigues every day, and if they don't have a little bit, they will only make themselves suffer.

when you are alive, watch your mouth and don't keep your mouth shut, otherwise it will arouse the disgust of others and make enemies for yourself.

Watch your mouth and don't laugh at other people's failure. Some people always like to be cynical to others when they see others falling down, and make enemies for the sake of a moment of rapidity.

people who are often cynical to others will form a habit over a long period of time, and the habit of being outspoken will do no harm to their own life and will only make it difficult for their future.

Don't gossip behind your back

No matter how other people's lives are, don't gossip about others behind their backs. Some people always have a mentality of gossip, like to pry into other people's affairs and point fingers at others behind their backs.

this kind of behavior will only make you lower your price, giving people the impression that you like to gossip and gossip behind your back, and once the client knows that you are nosing about him behind his back, he will make enemies for himself.

Don't show off yourself

As the saying goes, don't show off your wealth and make a fortune no matter what you have achieved.

showing off your achievements will either arouse the envy of others and add a lot of unnecessary trouble to your life.

will either attract a group of people to flatter around you.

and living in the environment of other people's flattery for a long time will only make you feel elated and can't tell the difference between true and false and right and wrong, and the end result will only make your fall worse.

when people walk in society, they can't walk without Chengfu completely. Without Chengfu, they don't know how to say too much and lose. In the end, they will only make themselves suffer a lot on the road of life.