Don't overestimate the relationship, don't prove it.
Don't overestimate the relationship, don't prove it.
May we live to be our strongest support in the long years.

people in this life, will meet a lot of people, but also say goodbye to many people, some can accompany for a lifetime, some are strangers.

as the saying goes: life, afraid of going the wrong way, sincere, afraid of giving to the wrong person.

interpersonal communication is a kind of knowledge, no matter whether the relationship is long-term, sincere or not, I hope you can be humiliated and unintentionally left or left.

I once saw a sentence on the Internet:

"the best attitude for an adult to interact with others is to be yourself and be close."

I think so.

I have seen this piece of news before:

26-year-old Miss Xu is very close to Miss Yang, a colleague of the company, and the two even agreed to form a team to resign and start a business.

but when she resigned, Miss Yang procrastinated again and again on the grounds that she had a project on hand, and even took the initiative to apply for overtime on Labour Day holiday.

Miss Xu, who was stood up, was very angry: "I think she doesn't want to resign at all. I was naive enough to believe her."

in the face of Miss Xu's accusation, Miss Yang only responded lightly: "she is too impulsive."... "

while feeling sorry for Miss Xu's experience, netizens also said:

We are all adults. Just listen to some words and don't take them seriously.

not everyone is worthy of your heart, your heart is very expensive, don't give it to everyone.

in fact, in life, we are often so optimistic about a relationship that we take it for granted:

"We've known each other for so long, I'm sure he'll help us with this little favor."

"I was so kind to him that he must be duty-bound to encounter difficulties this time."

but we often forget that feelings are the most complex and ethereal things, and you can't get them with your heart.

nothing in this world is immutable, and there is not so much to take for granted. With the alternation of spring, summer, autumn and winter, feelings will fade and hearts will change.

if you expect too much from others, you will be disappointed.

when walking in this world, always remember a sentence: human feelings are like sheets of paper, and the world is like a new chess game.

do not overestimate any relationship, in this noisy and impetuous world to protect their hearts, will not be easily hurt, is the best way to deal with the world.

have heard such a story before.

Lao Zhang and Lao Ma are a pair of old friends with deep friendship.

once, Lao Zhang had a party with friends for a drink, and everyone made a bet at the dinner that the loser would call his friend to borrow money.

Lao Zhang lost the bet, and he called Lao Ma confidently, saying that he was short of money to borrow 100,000 yuan recently, but Lao Ma politely refused as soon as his child was born and spent a lot of money.

now Lao Zhang couldn't help saving face, and with the collective booing of the people around him, he couldn't help scolding Lao Ma for being stingy and not righteous enough.

later, when the story spread to Lao Ma, he was furious to learn that Lao Zhang had joked about borrowing money and so slandered himself.

the two former best friends have torn their faces and have no contact with each other.

No matter how good the relationship is, you can't stand the temptation; no matter how deep the relationship is, you will hide something.

you know, the relationship between people is like knitting a sweater, it is built with a stitch and thread, but it only needs a slight pull when it is dismantled.

do not easily verify a relationship, this will only create gaps in intimate relationships, lead to suspicion, contradictions, and ultimately lose both sides.

Don't test people's hearts, don't ask questions about everything.

being a man, sometimes you should be a little confused.

if you can put it down, you can have no troubles, be simple, and live an easy life.

do not rely on, do not demand, do not disappoint.

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I have always felt that two kinds of people in the world are the most vulnerable:

people who are nostalgic are the most likely to get hurt and like to wait for the rest of their lives to be safe.

people who attach too much importance to feelings are easy to get hurt, because they take it too seriously, so they get hurt more deeply.

therefore, never give all your heart. Love seven points and keep three points for yourself.

just listen to something, but don't take it seriously;

it's good to see through some things, but you don't have to click on them.

some people just see it clearly and don't have to make a deep acquaintance.

A sea of people, do not live up to meet; time flies, do not underestimate yourself.

May we live to be our strongest support in the long years.

for the rest of my life, just be yourself and let your closeness and closeness follow your fate and love and hate at will.

what life asks for is nothing but light clouds and light winds, and the years are quiet.


Let it go through the vicissitudes of life, and its heart is always safe and sound.