Don't mess with people who are too idle.
Don't mess with people who are too idle.
Being with people who are too idle is a disaster.



@ Susie

told a story.

near Susie's neighborhood, a girl slit her wrists and committed suicide.

the reason why girls have decent jobs and a returnee boyfriend who is on the marriage agenda is really lamentable.

once, the girl clashed with the cleaner because the cleaner made rude remarks, so the girl hired someone to work as a cleaner.

the son of a cleaner who works in the same company went to talk to a girl and was fired.

in this way, the girl made a feud with the mother and son.

later, the girl used all her savings to buy a high-rise house. coincidentally, the mother and son moved in because of demolition, and became neighbors upstairs and downstairs.

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because of sudden wealth, mother and son stopped going to work and stayed at home all day playing mahjong.

from then on, girls' nightmares began.

rotten eggs, moldy fruit, and all kinds of foul-smelling rubbish are thrown on the patio;

when I sleep until midnight every night, someone begins to shoot basketball upstairs, making it so noisy that I can't sleep at all.

the woman looked for the property and called the police, but all came to nothing in return for the aggravation of the mother and son.

as a last resort, the girl had to move out to rent a house and then thought of selling the house.

but every time someone comes to see the house, the mother and son stand on her doorstep and shout abuse, saying bluntly that there is a feud between the two families, and who dares to buy this house will make the buyer run away for the rest of his life.

later, the son of the cleaner upstairs spread a rumor that the girl was out of order and had had an abortion before. as a result, the word spread to the girl's expectant mother-in-law, who was forced to break up with her boyfriend under the pressure of the expectant mother-in-law.

after being lovelorn, the girl had a nervous breakdown and often drank to drown her sorrows. as a result, she accidentally screwed up her work, resulting in heavy losses to the company and being fired.

in the middle of the night, the girl with a nervous breakdown went to find the mother and son with a knife. After smashing the door for a long time, there was no movement inside. Under impulse, the woman cut her wrist, fell in the elevator, and never woke up.

as Nietzsche said in the other side of good and Evil:

"if you struggle with the dragon for too long, you will become the dragon itself." If you stare at the abyss for too long, the abyss will come back to gaze. "

you can't compete with a man who has nothing to do.

compete with people who are too idle, and you will always be a loser.

Cai Gentan says: "if life is too idle, don't try to steal it."

is that there are too many people who are too idle.

writer Su Xin worked in the Union Hall many years ago, with fewer people and more work, and everyone was very busy every day.

there is only one position in the hall that is responsible for collecting and collating materials. In that position, he is the relative of the boss.

H is too idle at work, so he likes to ask for trouble and make trouble all day long, and everyone in the hall has been bullied by her.

she hates others the most. If anyone works more actively and works harder, she will sneer and say, "you work so hard and have a lot of ambition. Who are you trying to replace?"

if you dare to argue with her, she will be able to argue with you every day until you throw in the towel.

once, a new employee was ridiculed by H and immediately went back.

this can stir up a hornet's nest, H has been relentless, for several days in front of the newcomer to reason, saying that she is not sensible, so that people can not work, and finally had to apologize to H.

the sister of writer Li Yue has experienced a similar experience.

found a good job with a good income and stable leisure, but then something went wrong when he was idle.

she says that when she is free, she is fine. She can read professional books, take several certificates, and then learn some other skills.

but when everyone is idle, trouble comes.

everyone has nothing to do all day, with all eyes fixed on her and judging.

those idle people just couldn't stand the way she worked hard alone and had to pull her down together.

idle people will also gang up to form several small groups with complex relationships. If you want to be alone, if you don't help each other, everyone will crowd you out.

Maria Robinson said: "No one can go back and start anew, but everyone can create a new future from the present."

being with people who are too idle is a disaster.

so you must stay away from idle people who have nothing to pursue.

when you jump out of that quagmire-like circle, you can move on to a higher level of life.

something happened to me once because I rented a house.

the overall design of the house is not very good, the lighting is poor, and because of the new house, the whole room is very damp.

after living for a period of time, the wall and skin of the balcony fell off more seriously.

I changed my job at that time, and my commuting time was too long, so I wanted to change my house.

I had a disagreement with the landlord when I checked out.

the landlord said that no matter it was caused by man-made damage or environmental factors, the house was intact before I moved in, and it was my responsibility for the damage when I moved out.

the landlord offered two solutions: one is to deduct half of my deposit and she will find someone to paint it herself; the other is not to deduct the rent, but I have to restore the wall myself.

I was so angry that I argued with the landlord for reason. as a result, the landlord was even angrier than me and refused to communicate with me and slammed the door on the grounds that the rental contract had not yet expired.

later, after a few more days of stalemate, I really disliked the long commuting time and wasted too much time.

therefore, I consulted my friend who studied law, and my friend said that he could help me with the lawsuit, and it was a sure win.

that night, I called my father and talked about it.

my father criticized me and said that you are reasonable and can win a lawsuit, but it takes a lot of time before and after, and it is not better for you to spend your time working.

later, I took my father's advice and asked the landlord to deduct half of the rent and moved out smoothly.

although I am a little angry, in hindsight, this is the wisest thing to do.

my landlord is idle all day, she has plenty of time to spend, and I am exhausted from going to work every day.

there is a "law of dissipation" that says:

"the dissipation rate of a fight is determined by the time consumed by both sides.

what idle people do not lack is time, and they have plenty of time and energy to spend with you.

Zhou Guoping once wrote an article to the effect that successful people will admit it in front of idle people.

it is not that successful people are weak and incompetent, but because their time is valuable.

Don't mess with people who are too idle. Life is expensive and your time should be left for more important people and things.

"sheepskin roll" says:

"people are really busy, there are not too many complex emotions at all; only when people are too idle will they take trifles seriously."

never mess with people who are too idle, and don't waste your life on useless things.

all you have to do is keep yourself busy and stand in a higher position so that idle people can't reach you at all.

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