Don't lose the one who is nice to you.
Don't lose the one who is nice to you.
There are not many people who are really good to you, so don't lose any of them.

Lin Huiyin said: "the biggest regret in life is not that you missed the best person, but that you missed the person who wanted to be nice to you most."

I think so.

it's really hard to meet people who dig their hearts out in their lives.

if you meet someone who is really nice to you, please cherish it and don't wait for it to be lost.

people can't stand the cold; hearts, can't stand hurt

Lu Xun said: "feelings are two hearts that treat each other sincerely, not the beating of one heart against the other."

the heart is never indestructible. If it is hurt several times, it will inevitably be broken.

people can't stand cold; hearts can't stand hurt.

anyone's enthusiasm, when confronted with indifference and deception, will slowly cool down.

No matter how kind a person is, he who has been hurt will learn a lesson and take back his own good.

A Qiang and Qiqi, they have been good friends for many years.

recently, A Qiang's baby is about to be born, and the financial pressure is relatively great.

Qiqi saw this and suggested that the two should work together to make money by doing some business.

A Qiang thought it was feasible, so the two did business together.

Qiqi is very popular and is responsible for purchasing goods and pulling customers, while Ah Qiang is responsible for sales and finance.

the business started quickly, sharing the profits between the two of them.

Qiqi trusts Ah Qiang very much. Ah Qiang says there are as many profits as there are profits.

this went on for half a year, until one day, Ah Qiang's brother let it slip.

Qiqi went to check the account book, only to know that Ah Qiang had been taking profits privately.

Qiqi and Ah Qiang had a fight.

Qiqi felt that the business could not be done, so he decided to break up and never have anything to do with Ah Qiang.

later, Ah Qiang couldn't do any more business and went looking for a job again.

some people say: "deceiving a friend is the most painful wound."

A person indulges you, not because he is stupid, but because he cares about you more, he will not care about anything else, and will pay to you as always.

but after a few more injuries, the person who is kind to you will feel cold and choose to take back his kindness.

A lasting relationship is maintained by the mutual efforts of two people, not by the efforts of one person alone.

No matter how persistent the feelings are, they can't afford to ignore them; no matter how enthusiastic the heart is, they can't stand indifference.

the heart needs warmth. Never cheat on the person who treats you well.

No one gives, it is taken for granted

MiyazakiHayao said: "Please remember those who treat you well, because they could not have done so." When the person who accompanies you wants to get out of the car, even if you don't give up, you should be grateful and wave goodbye. "

in this world, not everyone has an obligation to be nice to you.

you should see what others have done to you, appreciate what others have done to you, and make it worthwhile.

there is a young man named Bei Guosao in the State of Qi.

he supported his mother by building animal nets, weaving reeds and weaving linen shoes, but it was still not enough to make a living.

when he heard that Yanzi was a benevolent man, he came to the door to see Yanzi.

after seeing Yanzi, he asked, "I admire your morality very much in private." I am in trouble today. I hope to get your help. "

upon hearing this, Yanzi immediately sent someone to distribute to him the grain in the warehouse and the money in the treasury.

Beiguosao declined the money and accepted the grain.

Yanzi appreciated Bei Guo Sao's character so much that he made friends and recommended him to the DPRK as an official.

later, Yanzi was suspected by the Duke of Qi Jing and went into exile.

when passing by Beiguo Sao's house, Yanzi went in to bid farewell to Beiguosao.

when Bei Guo Sao learned of Yanzi's situation, he immediately told his family that he went up to the court to see the Duke of Qi Jinggong.

when his family dissuaded him, Bei Guo Sao said, "I believe in Yanzi. He used to be so kind to me, and now it's time to repay him."

when he came to the Duke of Qi Jing, Bei Guo Sao cleared Yanzi of his grievances with his death.

Bei Guo Sao's behavior was moving, and he never took Yanzi's kindness to him for granted.

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there is a saying: "some people don't ask for anything in return for what they give to you, because they get equal spiritual pleasure when they give."

if a person gives but is forgotten, how can he be mentally happy?

therefore, we should bear in mind the kindness and help given to us by others.

it is taken for granted that there is no kind of giving between people.

Don't let anyone who gives to us feel cold.

only when we know how to compare our hearts to each other, can we be more happy to get along


Don't lose the person who is nice to you

likes a sentence very much: "if you miss a car, you can wait; if you miss someone, it may be a lifetime."

the sea of people is vast, it is really not easy to meet someone who is kind to you.

if you don't cherish it, by the time you react, they will all disappear into the crowd.

in the movie "No questions", there is a plot:

Xu Bochang and Liu Shufang made an engagement when they were young.

the living conditions were very poor at that time, and Liu Shufen worked to earn money for Xu Bochang to finish college.

Liu Shufen is good for Xu Bochang from the bottom of her heart.

at that time, they were very poor. Liu Shufen left all her meals to Xu Bochang.I spent my time drinking Chinese wolfberry water.

but Xu Bochang did not know how to cherish it. After completing his studies, he not only disliked her lack of education, but also carried out cold violence on her.

this kind of life makes Liu Shufen suffer every day, and even makes her feel like the worst person in the world.

finally, Liu Shufen committed suicide with hatred, and it was only then that Xu Bochang regretted it, but it was too late, and no one was as kind to him as Liu Shufen.

the old saying goes, "if you don't take it, don't regret it later."

people are like this. when you are near, you do not cherish it; when you are far away, you know it is precious.

however, no one will always be waiting for you.

some people lose it and never get it back.

the one who is willing to give all that is good to you, if you miss it, there will be no more.

the Book of songs says, "throw me a peach and repay it with Qiong Yao." Bandits will always think of it as good. "

between people, pay attention to reciprocity, although sometimes nothing in return, but also to bear in mind, cherish.

so don't lose the person who is nice to you.

Don't wait until they are discouraged and leave you to repent.

once read such a sentence: "the world is so big that I have met people who are good to me; the world is very small, but I have lost people who are good to me."

it is rare to meet someone who is good to you; it is a pity to lose someone who is good to you.

the road of life, people come and go, really willing to stop for you, there are very few people who are good to you.

as writer Zhang Jiajia said, "there are not many people who are really kind to you, so don't lose any of them."

if you are lucky enough to meet someone who is kind to you, you must cherish it and don't lose it!