Don't hate someone. It's too expensive.
Don't hate someone. It's too expensive.
If you don't like others, you are actually punishing yourself in disguise.


on the road of life, there is a sea of people coming and going.

We always meet all kinds of people, but not all of us can meet each other, and we always meet a lot of annoying people.

at this time, if we struggle with annoying people, it not only consumes energy, but also may hurt our health.

Schopenhauer once said:

"getting angry at other people's behavior is as stupid as losing your temper with a stone."

Don't hate a person, it's too expensive.

hate a person, take pains

Zhao Yanzi, the protagonist of the TV series "wrong hate", has lived in dislike of the people around her all her life.

Zhao Yanzi's husband died a few years ago because of an accident. This made her lose her support in an instant. She had to raise two children and continue to work in the factory.

as a result, her temperament has changed greatly, and she is always unhappy at work. Not only did she not get a house, but everyone else got a raise, but her salary could not rise all the time.

she thought that it was all because Director Tian was deliberately messing with her, and he didn't have a good face to Director Tian all day, and he scolded others every time he met him.

however, no matter how much she scolded, the director of the factory seemed to be nothing, but she became more and more bitter and bitter.

later, the daughter of Director Tian passed it on to her son.

she passed on this disgust to Director Tian's daughter. It is both sarcastic and sarcastic about this daughter-in-law, and people are not allowed to live without a day's rest.

in her eyes, her son is unfilial and married to an enemy's daughter, daughter-in-law is even more disagreeable.

all she seems to do every day is her dislike of others.

but she doesn't live better because she hates others, but the more she lives, the more she wrings.

had it not been for Zhao Yanzi's own obsession with other people and soaked into her own bones, she would not have ruined her mood and hurt her own body.

We come to the world for a walk. if we spend our energy on hating others every day, how can we have the energy to love ourselves?

there is a saying on the Internet:

not all fish live in the same sea. "

not all people can meet our values. Sometimes we hate a person, perhaps just because we are in a different environment and stand in a different position.

the more you experience, the more you will find that even if there is a deep hatred, there is no need to try your best to hate someone.

because the price of hating someone is too high.

in fact, no matter how lucky people are, the people and things they encounter will not be just right.

most people constantly cultivate themselves in all kinds of annoying people and things, so that they will accept them calmly even if they don't like them.

this is not a sign of weakness, but a fulfillment of oneself.

hate others, punish yourself

A netizen on Zhihu once told a story.

she was diagnosed with depression in her third year on the job.

when the doctor asked her if she often sulked, she suddenly realized that she hated a colleague very much and felt inexplicably blocked every time she saw that colleague.

I often struggled in my heart. I always wanted to tear it up with her, but I never had the courage to hold that anger back to my heart.

the other party knows nothing about her dislike, and those annoying emotions remain in her heart over time, making her body aggrieved.

most of the time, when we don't like someone, we get used to imagining things in our minds.

but it is these illusory ideas that are most likely to bring themselves into the abyss of emotion, and what they see in their eyes has become unsatisfactory.

A German professor who once won a Nobel Prize, for some reason, hated Newton so much that he even hated Newton's name in a morbid way.

not only pronounce the sound of "Newton" by yourself, but also feel uncomfortable. I am disgusted to see other people write or hear these two words.

between repeatedly mentioning it and deliberately erasing it, he seemed to hate Newton, but in fact he tortured himself.

Kant once said:

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"to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes. When you can't change the outside world and the status quo, the only thing you can change is yourself."

everyone will be hated. When you meet someone you hate, it is futile to be angry, angry and feel that he should not exist.

others are still others, but your heart is full of negative energy.

I especially like a passage from Grandma's Quotations:

"No matter what you can't figure out, you can think about it the other way around, and if you don't like someone else, you'll get used to it."

people who are really mature are not those who don't understand or like to see, but those who know how to do so.If you look at it from another angle, people will suddenly become enlightened.

No one in the world is worth hating

have read such a story.

Tom the kitten and Toby both hate their own shadows.

this makes them so mad that they want to throw their shadows far away, and it's best never to see them again.

but no matter how much they hate shadows, shadows will follow them like bodyguards, protecting them as soon as the sun comes out.

however, both Tom and Toby have found their own solutions:

Tom closes his eyes forever so that he can't see his shadow;

Toby stays forever in the shadow of something else, so there is no shadow.

Tom's solution, which seems to isolate the shadow, is actually deceiving himself and others.

Shadow still exists, but he can't see other good things in life.

Toby's solution seems to be that the shadow disappears, but he can't feel the sun.

Shadow no longer exists, and it can only live in shadow forever.

in fact, when we hate someone, we are more likely to see ourselves in others.

it follows you and haunts you so that you can't get rid of it.

its existence makes you have less sunshine, and it will affect you anytime and anywhere.

you feel uneasy, anxious, and even inexplicably bored, but there's nothing you can do about it.

in fact, there are not many people in life that we should hate.

No one in the world is perfect enough for everyone to love. Even your own shadow may not be able to make yourself fall in love completely.

therefore, there is no need for us to hate anyone.

I have seen a particularly emotional remark:

"when you wake up in the morning, tell yourself that the people you meet today may be nosy, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and bad-tempered people because they can't tell good from evil."

in this way, you will be relieved of your dislike of anyone.

May you forgive others and let yourself go for the rest of your life

once read a passage:

"one cannot be happy for a happy event for a whole year, but may be depressed for life because of a trauma."


when you think of that annoying person, the anger in your heart and on your face will engulf yourself like a storm.

instead of letting yourself fall into the whirlpool of hating others, it is better to jump out of the whirlpool and free your heart.

Life is short. May you forgive others, let yourself go, and stop paying the price of hating someone.

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