Contentment, contentment, knowledge and interest (good in depth)
Contentment, contentment, knowledge and interest (good in depth)
May you and I both learn to be human in contentment, contentment and knowledge.


Wang Xiaobo said: "if one lives in this world, the first thing is to be a good person."

be a good man, with four simple words, but invisibly lay down rules for our words and deeds.

in this life, no matter how difficult it is, you must know how to be a man.

because people who know how to be a man can get peace of mind and respect from others.

then what is the way to be a man?

in fact, it is very simple. To be a human being is to be contented, content and interesting.


"Zhuangzi wandering around" says: "Wren nests in the deep forest, but one branch; Yan rat drinks the river, but full."

means that the bird is in the woods, but all it wants is a branch; the mole drinks the river water, but eats its stomach.

Animals are like this, and people are not the same. In spite of their wealth, they can't eat more than three meals a day; even if they have ten thousand buildings, they can sleep no more than seven feet at night.

Life is not bitter, but it is hard to ask for too much; people are not tired, but what is tired is never enough.

but in our whole life, we come and go naked and can't take anything with us. Only with contentment can we be happy.

in the Ming Dynasty, there was a man named Hu Jiushao, whose family was very poor. He taught his son to read while working hard, and he barely had enough to eat.

every afternoon, Hu Jiushao also burned incense to pray, thanking God for another day of blessings.

his wife was puzzled and laughed at him and said, "three meals a day are vegetable porridge. What kind of happiness is this?"

Hu Jiushao replied:

"the first thing is that we live in peace and prosperity;

secondly, I am glad that both young and old have food and clothing, and they will not go hungry and cold.


the third thing is that there are no patients in bed at home, and no one is in prison. Isn't that Qingfu? "

being a man should be like Hu Jiushao, not inferior to the status quo, not confined to the present, and content.

the poet Lin Kui said: "those who are contented are happy when they are poor and humble, and those who are not satisfied are also worried about their wealth."

it is like Confucius who has three thousand disciples but likes Yan Hui the most, not only because Yan Hui is studious, but also because he appreciates that although he is in a bad alley, he does not change his pleasure in learning.

and if the rich are not satisfied, they will worry all day long and their life will not be satisfactory.

Mr. Yang Jiang said: "keeping the mentality of contentment is the best way to harden the mind and purify the mind." It can turn tolerance into enjoyment, and it is the triumph of spirit over material. "

Life owes us a "fulfillment", but we owe a "contentment" in life, because life is not always perfect, but the heart can always be happy because of contentment.

contentment is the only way to seek happiness in life.

know to stop

it is said in the Book of changes: "when you stop, you stop, and when you do, you go." The movement and news does not lose its burial, but its path is bright. "

means to stop when it is time to stop, to act when it is time to act, and to keep a balance between the movement and the movement, so that the future can be bright.

to stop is to stop, recognize yourself and then act according to your ability, and do not know when to stop, sooner or later will fall into danger.

there is a Zen master who is famous for his spiritual practice in the mountains, and many people at the foot of the mountain come to seek the Tao.

when one of the young people came to visit, he happened to see the Zen master walking up the mountain with a load of water.

he observed that neither of the two buckets of the Zen master was full, and the amount of water was only more than half, so he was very curious and asked the Zen master, "Why don't you fill more water?"

the Zen master smiled and said to the young man, "you see, I have drawn a line in both buckets. Every time I stop here, any more will be beyond my abilities and needs."

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Young people meditate for a long time before they realize that one should do as much as one can do. If it is beyond the limits of one's ability and insists on acting recklessly, it will only be self-destruction.

to be a man, you should not only know what you really want, but also know where your bottom line is.

when you are old and understand that your health is not as good as before, don't be strong and go to rest when you are tired.

if you have too many desires and know that you don't have enough strength, you should lower your expectations instead of going your own way.

the University says: "knowing what it ends ends at the best."

knowing to stop is not to make progress, but to teach people to do what they should do and stop when they stop.

in this world, fame and wealth are boundless, temptations are boundless, and troubles are endless. Only by knowing to stop, can we leave room for the soul to stretch.

to exercise discretion, to act according to one's ability, and enough is the best practice in life.

know interest

it is said in the poem: "if you look at each other with a smile, there is no one who knows anything about the wind, forest and grass."

what is intellectual interest?

it means not to talk about grades in front of people with poor grades, not to show wealth in front of people with poor family conditions, not to be healthy in front of people in poor health, to be a man who knows how to advance and retreat, and not to be annoying or annoying.

but in reality, there are more self-righteous and less informed.

Zhang ailing and Yan Ying are university classmates, Yan Ying is warm and straightforward, Zhang ailing is silent and cold, but their relationship is close.

their literary hobbies and aesthetic tastes are so similar that Zhang ailing even compiled some of her words into a "Yan Ying Quotations."

Yan Ying personally painted the cover of her calligraphy. Even if she only made a draft, Zhang ailing had to copy it one by one, and she loved it very much.

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in her early years in China, Yan Ying relied on Zhang ailing to meet celebrities. Later, in New York, Zhang ailing lived a miserable life and relied on Yan Ying to have a place to live.

every time Yan Ying writes to Zhang ailing, she mostly boasts, intentionally or unintentionally, showing off how much money she has earned and how popular she is, regardless of Zhang ailing's feelings.

it is undeniable that everyone has some boasting vanity more or less, but the value of people lies in knowing interest, not belittling others, nor boasting about themselves, in order to be favored.

there is a good saying: "the sky does not speak of self-elevation, the earth does not speak of self-thickness, people do not speak of their own energy, and water flows without words."

the person who takes the initiative to advertise himself without considering the feelings of others is precisely a sign of low EQ.

on the contrary, interesting people know what to say and what to do, take care of each other's feelings, and people are happy to associate with them.

people who really know what they are interested in are the philosophers of life, who make people like their words, move them to do things, and make people miss them in life.

as the saying goes, "if you write a person, you will learn to be a man all your life."

Life is a gradual and accumulating process, so we should constantly remove dust from the mind, introspection, self-consciousness, self-control, and self-respect.

to be content with one's life is to gain calmness, lose indifference, and accumulate blessings with a broad heart.

to be a man and know what to do, there is something to do, something not to do, it is appropriate to advance and retreat;

to be interesting is not to show off, not to show off, and to get along comfortably.

people who know how to be human can broaden their limited life; those who can't live until they are a hundred years old are busy in vain.

May you and I both learn to be human beings through contentment, contentment and knowledge.

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