As you walk, you understand life and see through human nature.
As you walk, you understand life and see through human nature.
The world of adults: most afraid to experience everything, but also mind everything

I often hear people say:

live in this world, don't take the good words seriously, don't take the bad words seriously.

I think so.

Life is like a play. If you walk, you will understand and see through--

No matter how you live, there are always gossips;

No matter what you do, someone will tell you what to do.

looking back, you will find that there is nothing difficult in the world, only yourself and yourself.

forget about things that feel sad and powerless.

learn to look down on gains and losses, underestimate cause and effect, and see through life, and your life will be much more comfortable.

as the saying goes: no one's life is doomed to tragedy unless you put yourself in the wrong place.

Life depends on the state of mind, and life depends on the state of mind

as the saying goes:

the beauty of the landscape on the ground lies in the depth of the hills,

the beauty of the landscape in my chest is at ease.

what often makes people tired is not the bumps of the road, but the depression in the heart.

when I think of my aunt, she has made grudges all her life and has been bitter and bitter all her life.

moping all day about the rotten millet of Chen sesame seeds--

"Zhang San occupied my land.

Li Si stole my grain and chicken.

Wang Wu bullied my orphan and widowed mother. "

when I was a child, I was not sensible and asked my aunt heartless:

"Why are you always angry?


Auntie gritted her teeth and cursed:

"I want these people who hurt me to suffer retribution!


therefore, when they heard that people were in distress, they were cynical and mean. When they heard of their misfortune, they clapped their hands and called for retribution.

what's the result?

add to the traffic jam, I am still unhappy after all.

there are actually many such people in life, knowing that soaking in resentment will hurt their bodies, but they still can't help getting angry and worrying about it.

but forget that sometimes, if you change your state of mind, you can change your way of life.

encounter bad people and bad things--

if you take it lightly, you will not be surprised or humiliated;

if you think about it, it's hard to avoid worrying about yourself.

Muir said:

Don't believe that what often changes is not the thing itself, but the way you look at it.

Yu Zhonglin, a famous Chinese painter, is good at painting peonies.

once, his painting Peony Picture was bought home by a businessman at a high price and hung in the living room.

the businessman asked, "Why?"

the man said meaningfully, "you see, there are only half of the peonies in this painting, and the peonies represent wealth and nobility. If half of them are missing, does it not mean that wealth is incomplete?"

on hearing this, the businessman immediately felt reasonable and went to Yu Zhonglin after several turns and begged him to redraw a "peony picture."

when Yu Zhonglin learned the whole story, he laughed loudly, then picked up his pen and wrote four big words in the blank space of the painting-- boundless wealth.

and explained to the businessman: "Peony represents wealth and wealth. If you only draw on one side, doesn't that mean wealth is boundless?"

when the businessman heard this, he turned from sorrow to joy and happily took back the Peony Picture.

from incomplete wealth to boundless wealth.

from beginning to end, it is not peonies that change, but people's state of mind.

Life is the same, gains and losses sometimes, sorrows and joys are mixed.

how much despair you see, how much pain you will suffer;

you will be happy as much as you see the dawn.

forgive the unforgivable, the past can not pass, optimistic, open-minded, as free as clouds, as free and easy as running water, is the proper attitude of life.

turn if you can't get through, and put it down if you can't figure it out.

between the vast expanse of heaven and earth, the road bends nine times.

sometimes thrilling, sometimes anxious.

sometimes darkness, sometimes collapse.

the road of life is never a smooth journey, it is always mixed with all kinds of unexpected accidents.

when an accident occurs, you can choose a road to go dark, or you can choose another way to go on.

but you have to know: when it's time to stick to it, it's perfect to persist in the end, and it's futile to be too persistent when it's time to turn a corner.

like Mr. Zhou Youguang, the "father of Hanyu Pinyin" in China, he was 112 years old.

talking about his life, he said: you still have to think about everything. When you can't think about it, turn a corner and you will be able to think about it again.

this is the so-called mountain does not turn, the road does not turn, the road does not turn, people turn.

share a story that I was deeply shocked by.

popular movie star Christopher Levi, who starred in the American blockbuster Superman, was once a superhero in the hearts of many people.

from world fame to hemiplegia, he once wanted to end his life because of despair, but in the end, he chose to turn the corner.

make it happen to himThe thing to change is--

one day, his wife drove him to relax.

when the car was driving on the winding mountain road of the Rocky Mountains, he saw that whenever the car had no way to go, a traffic sign indicating "turn ahead" would appear on the side of the road.

so far, he swept away the gloom and depression, walked in a wheelchair, became a director, and directed a film that shone brilliantly at the Golden Globes.

this is more than that. for many years, he has insisted on writing with a pen with his teeth and wrote his first book, "it is still me." once published, it sold well all over the world.

Keigo Higano said in the White Night Walk:

"just because what you once owned is taken away, it doesn't mean you will go back to the time when there was no such thing."

I think so.

if you are a star, don't be afraid of the dark, it will shine everywhere.

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if you are a seed, don't be afraid of wind and rain, it will sprout everywhere.

think differently, the willow is dark and the flowers are bright.

put aside your obsession and be at ease.

the road of life, turn if you can't get through, and let go of things in life if you can't figure it out. Only in this way can you not live a wrenching life.

once there was a man who was in a high position and worth tens of millions, but when he was confused, he chose to convert to the Dharma--

A man, without a penny, begs for food.

after 81 days, we walked 2000 kilometers from Mount Wutai to Mount Emei.

I was frozen, starved and injured all the way, but I didn't feel bitter. I just felt that my mood was more firm and calm than ever before.

this person is Ghost foot Seven.

at the peak of his career and at the best of times in his life, he chose to break free from the shackles of the world and put aside thousands of thoughts until everything was cleared up and he was on his way again.

in the face of such a move, I used to find it difficult to understand, but now I am left with admiration.

in this complex world, it is the instinct to pick it up, but the ability to let it go.

instead of suffering in dire straits, it is better to jump out and make a new epoch.

as the philosopher Montesquieu said: if you can't untie the knot, just cut it.

give yourself some time and don't be afraid to start over.

letting go does not mean loss, persistence is the root of pain.

Su Shi wrote in "settling the storm": bamboo staff and awn shoes are slightly better than horses, who is afraid? Spend a straw-cloaked life in mist and rain.

means that bamboo sticks and straw sandals are lighter than horses, wearing a coir coat, they can still walk leisurely in the wind and rain.

do not believe that at a certain age, you can break free from shackles, from impetuosity to serenity, and from confusion to firmness.

Adult world: most afraid to experience everything, and mind everything

what is the adult world most afraid of?

I am most afraid of going through everything, and I mind everything.

when I have experienced pain, I will bear it in mind.

after experiencing a blow, I will remember it for a long time.

although life is inseparable from pain, pain is one thing, and frustration caused by pain is another.

there is a hustle and bustle of cars and horses in this world, and everyone has his own destiny, and everyone has his own choice. There is no fixed pattern for happiness.

like that very philosophical little story--

pessimists and optimists react differently to the same half-bottle of wine.

pessimists will lament: "what!" There is only half a bottle left! "

optimists clap their hands when they see it: "how nice!" There's still half of it! "

in the end, character determines fate and state of mind determines life.

stubborn people are always apt to fall into a dead end when they are frustrated.

Open-minded people are often able to find another way when they encounter problems.

in their opinion:

Sheng Gu is happy, defeat is also happy, gain is also happy, loss is also happy.

as Salinger said in the Catcher in the Rye:

remember what should be remembered and forget what should be forgotten.

change what you can change and accept what is immutable.

this is enough.