Another woman's facial paralysis caused by plastic surgery failure: morbid aesthetic is destroying you
Another woman's facial paralysis caused by plastic surgery failure: morbid aesthetic is destroying you
Everything about you is so beautiful that you shouldn't be led by the world.

recently, Weibo is a hot topic.

# Women spend 10,000 yuan on facial paralysis caused by facelift at home #

, causing a heated discussion.

it turns out that Ms. Shang in Shanghai had a facelift in the rental house of her friend Gui in May this year.

but due to improper operation, resulting in the tragic outcome of facial paralysis.

incident was appalling.

after all, anyone with common sense of safety knows that the operation must be carried out in a sterile environment, but Gui's rental house cannot do this at all.

what is even more surprising is that after verification, Gui does not have any relevant qualifications for medical and cosmetic treatment, and has even been administratively punished for twice illegal medical practice.

countless people regret the result of Ms. Shang, and some netizens complain, "one dares to pull, the other dares to do, it's too bold!"

to tell you the truth, after watching the news, apart from heartache, I can't help but wonder, is everyone's appearance anxiety so serious?

but don't let "beauty" blind your eyes and cause irreparable consequences.

do you remember not long ago, Internet celebrity Xiao ran died of infection due to liposuction surgery?

Internet celebrity Xiaoran is the founder of an extravagant brand. Because of his good figure and appearance, he has built himself into an online celebrity and endorsed his brand.

the near-perfect Xiao ran should have been the envy of most people.

did not expect, but embarked on the road of plastic surgery.

in May this year, Xiao ran underwent liposuction and filling surgery at a medical and beauty hospital in Hangzhou.

A few days after the operation, symptoms such as skin ulceration and organ failure appeared. After two months of hospitalization, he still could not be rescued, and unfortunately passed away.

when everyone denounced the unscrupulousness of the plastic surgery agency, they also felt heartache, and this beautiful girl died here.

unfortunate events have pushed the word "beauty" to a high point.

is to push appearance anxiety in front of the public and become an existence that can not be ignored.

two days ago, when CCTV star Wang Bingbing was recording a program, he was asked, "are you worried about your appearance?"

as a new host of CCTV, Wang Bingbing's recognized first love face and elegant appearance have always been the goddess in the hearts of the public.

unexpectedly, after seriously thinking about this problem, Wang Bingbing replied:

"Girls may have a little bit more or less."

many netizens were surprised to hear Wang Bingbing's answer.

the beautiful and glamorous CCTV hostess is so unconfident and anxious in appearance.

I have to say, in the social media era, if you open any video software, you can see a lot of handsome men and women.

No matter they are stars or ordinary people, they can not escape the sense of disparity in the comparison.

secular aesthetics is binding more and more people.

in the past, it was mentioned that appearance anxiety was limited to a certain industry and some people, but now it has become a popular trend.

what's more, the elves, right-angled shoulders, waistcoat lines and comic legs under the beauty package.

almost abnormal aesthetic, but deeply sought after, become the heart of thousands of girls, infiltrating into our daily life.

even extend it to the next generation, so we see more and more bizarre news:

parents' appearance anxiety gives babies a correction helmet to correct the shape of the head, and it is becoming popular;

A 9-year-old girl suffers from depression because her teacher is too beautiful.

it is undeniable that with the acceleration of the pace of life, the every move of many adults is actually affecting the cognition of the next generation.

makes people more and more demanding on the so-called beauty, even at the expense of health.

but the facts tell us that the means of being beautiful at the cost of hurting yourself, no matter how many lessons there are, can not be used as a lesson for the future.

therefore, do not pay IQ tax widely because of appearance anxiety, fall into the bottom of the pit and hurt yourself.

you can't attack or belittle people who don't match your aesthetic appearance because of your personal aesthetics.

two days ago, the popular drama "the Fog of the Octagonal Pavilion" at the iqiyi Misty Theater attracted the attention of many audiences because of its complex character relationship, interlinked cases, and misty plot.

but when Hao Lei, who plays the character Xuanzhu in the play, appeared on the stage, the audience went astray, and the bullet screen was full of discussions about Hao Lei's fat figure.

if the role played by Hao Lei needs to be white and skinny, it is inevitable.

but Hao Lei's role is a middle-aged woman whose life is full of sores and depression.

whether it is the handling of the role or the gesture, Hao Lei's performance is instantly brought in and her acting skills soar.

as Hao Lei once said in an interview, the actors are not acting in a play, but the people in the play.

Hao Lei is acting in this play.

has been criticized by some viewers.

people who are excellent in profession are not afraid of a slovenly appearance, they are just a pair of skin.

so don't blindly criticize a person's appearance, let alone let your keyboard become a sharp weapon to attack others.

everyone has the right to speak, but it is hoped that this right will bring "benefit", not "grumpiness".

despite the fact that there is a certain threshold for stars, women in real life have also received all kinds of strange views on their appearance and figure.Method and sound:

how dare she wear a skirt when her legs are so thick;

her belly is so obvious, and she wears tight ones, which makes her look disgusting.

she is so ugly, can she still find a boyfriend?


being ugly is the original sin, and if you are in poor shape, you will be attacked, which has become an unavoidable yoke for countless people.

as a result, many women are discriminated against more and more.

these prejudices and discrimination converge into a river, annihilating one woman's pursuit of beauty after another.

you know, you care about the other person's appearance, maybe the other person is also looking at your heart.

Aesthetics will change, and what you belittle now may be what you will pursue in the future.

but your prejudice is a brand that will be engraved in the hearts of others and become a proof of your ignorance.

Don't be limited by the so-called popularity and "beauty" and negate all the beauty of the original ecology.

there is a topic on Zhihu's hot list: "in this age of looking at faces, how is appearance anxiety" broken "?"

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the reply given by the respondent was, "Heart disease still needs heart medicine. To solve appearance anxiety, the key is to adjust the distorted state of mind."

I think so!

the cause of appearance anxiety is the painful emotion caused by the influence of the environment, worrying too much about appearance and paying too much attention to the eyes of others.

the first step to get rid of appearance anxiety is to accept yourself.

learn to accept yourself

in an interview with Yu Yu, founder of Dangdang, Yang Lan asked: "where is your least confident place?"

Yu Yu said, "appearance".

Yang Lan was amazing and continued to ask, "then why do you have more temperament and brilliance and become more confident as you get older?"

Yu Yu said again, "accept yourself".

Yu Yu said that for a long time, she had a deep sense of inferiority, and whenever others commented on her appearance, she always felt that others were laughing at her.

therefore, the more you care about what other people think, the more you can't let go of your own shortcomings, the more difficult it is to be happy.

later figured it out, no longer care about the vision of others, but also learned to reconcile with themselves, to realize the beauty of life.

Nobody is perfect, but what is better than perfection is to accept yourself.

when you know how to accept yourself, you can easily let go and get rid of unnecessary anxiety.

do something really meaningful

talk show actor Xu Zhisheng, speaking of appearance anxiety, said

"there are many things in life that make your life more meaningful, and many things really have nothing to do with appearance.

in fact, it is just that you will be anxious if you stop where you are. "

many people always envy the beauty of others and are dissatisfied with their own present self, so they always want to reflect their self-worth by improving their external conditions, so they will fall into a dead cycle of appearance anxiety.

do not realize that the more meaningful thing than looking up at others is to improve your inner self.

affirm yourself from the inside out, set goals in life, complete it little by little, and enrich your life, so that you can live a real and beautiful life.

this may be a book opened early in the morning or before going to bed; maybe it is the self-discipline of exercising every day after work; or it may be bravely trying what you are interested in, singing, dancing, writing, drawing …...

when you make your leisure time rich and interesting, to appreciate the state of life in the world and absorb every nutrient of life, life naturally gives you the best arrangement.

the true beauty is never how good the skin is, but how charming the temperament emanating from the inside is.

Beauty should not be defined

anti-appearance anxious bloggers once spoke confidently: "screw your aesthetic standards, my beauty is up to me!"

small belly, big thick legs, worship meat.

these things, which are hated by many women and want to break their heads and hide, can be seen everywhere in them and show them confidently.

they put it into practice. Fat can be beautiful and fat can be happy.

the purpose of these anti-appearance doctors is not to ask you to go out on the street without makeup, let alone to indulge yourself.

but to tell you that beauty is more than one standard, should not be defined, and requires you to love yourself.

all things in the world, existence is reasonable.

whether it is fat or thin, tall or short, black or white skin, and whether the body is defective or not, everyone has his own unique beauty.

the beauty limited by white and thin children is in itself the biggest misunderstanding of beauty.

I have heard a saying, "everything about you is so beautiful that you should not be led by the world."

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give more people!

I hope that one day, all women will have self-confidence and confidence, find the person who sees their own deeper value, and have the courage to say, "Old Mother is the most beautiful in the world."