Amazing three strong laws: crab law, mushroom law, flea law
Amazing three strong laws: crab law, mushroom law, flea law
As long as you can stand loneliness, you will always have your own highlight moment.

everyone is born to be strong.

in fact, very few people have become strong.

it's not easy to be strong, but you can observe some traits in the strong and then try to cultivate them.

A little bit, step by step, get closer to the strong, and slowly become a really strong person.

understand these three laws and learn to think and do things like the strong.

Crab's Law

if you put only one crab in the bamboo basket, you must close the lid, or it will climb out.

but if you put a few more in, you don't have to close the lid.

because when one crab climbs to the mouth of the basket, the rest of the crabs will drag it down, so over and over again, none of the crabs can successfully climb out.

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this is the famous "crab law":

"if I am unhappy, then I want to see others unhappy;

if I can't climb up, I also want to hold others so that they can't climb up either. "

in the final analysis, the greatest stupidity of human nature is to embarrass each other and not to see others well.

that is to say, the lower the level, the more likely they are to tear each other apart.

the higher the level of people, the more they know how to appreciate each other and achieve each other.

in 2002, the World Boxing Championship was played against 35-year-old Cafera and 28-year-old Varela.

in the first six rounds, the two were neck and neck, but in the seventh round, the older Kafila obviously began to lose his strength and was hit in the head by Varela, bruised and bruised.

during the break, Varela took the initiative to apologize to Cafilla and wiped the blood off Cafilla's face with a towel.

then the two men continued to fight, and Cafera was knocked to the ground again by Varela.

just then, as soon as the referee began to count, Varela went over and pulled Cafila up.

in the end, Cafera lost to Varela with 108 rides.

spectators flocked to Varela to present flowers to salute him, but Varela pushed aside the crowd and went to the neglected Cafilla and handed him the flowers.

and Cafera not only congratulated Varela, but also raised Varela's hand above his head to salute the audience.

Varela said after the match: "he is my opponent, but not my enemy." Without a strong Cafila, there would be no strong me.

the poet John Dorne said:

"No one is an island, alone.


the really strong know how to appreciate others, build bridges for each other, and fulfill others as well as themselves.

mushroom law

newcomers to the workplace always fantasize that their leaders will pay attention to their talents and efforts.

but the reality is that the vast majority of newcomers sit in the most corner, running errands over and over again.

leaders will not pay more attention to you, and even occasionally get baseless accusations and criticisms.

is placed in a dark corner and ignored, just like mushroom cultivation, it has to be dung, accept all kinds of groundless criticism and accusation, and has been in the process of fending for itself for a long time, this phenomenon is called "mushroom law".

mushrooms grow in a dark land at the beginning, and if they give up hope of growth in the early stage, they can only be silent forever.

if you can keep growing upward, without fear of hardships and tribulations, one day you can break through the darkness and see the light.

everyone has to go through such a process when they grow up, and the time when they fight alone in the dark is the hardest.

I like a sentence in the grocery store:

"it's easy to give up, but it must be cool to stick to it."

if you get through it, you can stand out; if you don't make it, you will be buried.

there is a story about a girl, which is very inspirational.

this girl was just the receptionist of the company at first, but her earnest and down-to-earth performance in her work impressed many colleagues.

if a colleague is going on a business trip, she will prepare the railway schedule in advance;

in the hot summer, she will take the initiative to arrange some cold drinks in the coffee bar so that her colleagues can relieve the heat.

if the visiting customer has questions, she will help answer the questions when the company's customer service is busy.

although she does all the trivial work, she tries her best to do it without complaint.

because of her excellent performance at the front desk, more than a year later, she was promoted to head of the administrative department.

during her several years in charge of the administration department, she led the team and put every task in place, and the work was excellent.

later, the leader gave her more opportunities to give her full play.

this girl is Tong Wenhong and is now the chief human resources officer (CPO) of Alibaba Group and chairman of Cainiao Network.

No matter how good people are, they all grow up from the simplest things.

everyone is bound to go through a "mushroom period" in the process of growing up in life.

before breaking out of the ground, the only thing you can do is not to give up, endure, and do things to the extreme.

as long as you can stand loneliness, you will always have your own highlight moment.

flea law

under normal circumstances, fleas can jump to 400 times their own height.

if you put a glass cover on the flea at this time, the flea will hit the top of the glass cover.

after several times in a row, the flea reduces the jump height and jumps to the top of the cover at most.

after continuing to reduce the height of the glass cover, the leaping height of the flea will become lower and lower.

in the end, after taking off the glass cover, you will find that the flea can no longer jump high.

this is the law of flea.

flea Law tells us a very simple truth: there is only one kind of failure in life, and that is self-limitation.

in life, many people choose to back down as soon as they encounter difficulties, while others prefer to stay in their comfort zone and are afraid to try and challenge the unknown.

will eventually become numb and dull like a flea.

Dong Qing once said: "the meaning of life is to develop rather than stick to it. We should not lose the courage to move forward at any time."

Yes, in this life, no matter how old you are, don't draw a circle on the ground as a prison.

although the process is full of pain, you are bound to meet a better self in the end.

I have seen a very interesting metaphor:

"A strong man is like a big tree, burying his roots deep in the ground, growing upward, and providing shade to others with thick leaves.

A strong man is like an eagle, leaving his figure in the sky, overlooking the earth and greeting the storm of life with powerful wings. "

May you learn to take root downward and grow upward like the strong, and embrace the larger world with a larger pattern.

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