Amazing law of the rich: you have to pretend to be rich
Amazing law of the rich: you have to pretend to be rich
No one will give his heart to someone who doesn't care at all.


A few years ago, I went to work for my friend's company. before I went, he contacted me for accommodation-a small cubicle far away from the company for two people sharing an accommodation fee of more than 200 yuan a month.

I know that he is for my own good. That's when I was short of money. He thought I should save as much money as possible, so he found the cheapest place in town.

but there is really a big problem with this cubicle.

first of all, its sound insulation is too poor, the residents are dense, and I can hear the sound of footsteps all day long, which greatly reduces my sleep.

moreover, because it is a cubicle, naturally there is no kitchen, so I can only buy some cheap junk food to eat outside. I often feel uncomfortable in my stomach.

so, after not long living, I quietly returned the cubicle and rented a 140-square-meter house opposite the company with my only savings.

it is no exaggeration to say that after signing the lease and betting one for three, I only had money for dinner that day.

but you can imagine what it would be like for a person with nothing to feel in the face of a big house at his disposal.

I immediately went all out to clean up the mansion with three bedrooms and two living rooms, and then took pictures, posted messages, and looked for

find sharing.

after collecting her rent, I knew I wouldn't go hungry for the next month, so I relaxed, slowly selected the rest of the rent seekers, and finally identified two beauticians.

they are all young girls, and their industries are different. If we exchange a few words casually, we can understand a lot of things.

later, I can't help boasting that the house I rented at that time had good feng shui.

there, I fall asleep for three seconds every day, walk to and from work, an hour and a half at noon, go home to cook a simple meal, and take a nap after eating.

I'm glad I'm not trapped in a cubicle with more than 200 yuan.

recently watched a video of a Korean boss telling his story.

when he was young, he went backpacking in Europe and saw a suit shop on the street of Paris.

he went in, put on a suit, and looked back in the mirror: "True Nima Shuai!"

The perfect potpourri of timeless grace and sophisticcation, muslim prom dresses are a must have for any lady. Our vast selection makes it easy for you to find just what you are looking for.

but after a closer look, he found that he missed one digit and cost 1.2 million won, which was more expensive than all the clothes he had worn in the first half of his life.

he is in distress: if he buys his clothes, it means that he will not be able to provide basic clothing, food and accommodation for the remaining two months of his trip; if not, he will have to let go of his glittering self.

then three thoughts came to his mind--

first thought, forget it, let's go.

the second thought is to buy this dress when I am 30 years old.

the third thought, don't panic, two months, it hasn't arrived yet?

he took the remaining 50,000 won to stay and discussed with the innkeeper: "Boss, I'll go to the railway station to pull three guests, so please let me stay one more night."

the boss agreed.

I admit, this chicken soup is a little poisonous.

but what the Korean boss said at the end was particularly instructive:

"people usually think that happiness is like saving money, which can be used later, but in fact, it is impossible."

"will you be happy in the future?


every moment of life will disappear forever as long as you miss that moment, so be happy now.


there is a heart-wrenching truth in the world: those who are not short of money are more likely to make money, and those who are not short of love are more likely to be loved.

for example, the rent of the house I rented that year looks much higher than that of a cubicle.

but after careful calculation, I find that this is not the case at all:

I rented out the other two bedrooms, and the remaining rent was only 200 yuan more than the cubicle.

I don't need to take the bus, so I save 60 yuan a month on transportation.

when I buy food and cook, the cost of meals has been reduced by more than half, saving 500 yuan a month.

I also save a lot of commuting time, which brings me a lot of income.

as for the cost and time that I save to see gastrointestinal diseases and go to the hospital to lift bottles, it is even more impossible to calculate.

because I spent 200 yuan more on rent, I lived a completely different life.

another opposite lesson is:

once, when I planned to buy a computer, my friend said that he had an acquaintance and enthusiastically went to the computer city to buy one for me, which was unexpectedly cheap.

after using it for two days, my intestines are blue with regret. The computer is too difficult to use, even opening a document has been stuck for a long time, not to mention looking up information.

in addition,After saving that money, I owe you a favor.

I can't complain, and I want to thank my friend for buying me a super cheap computer.

I lost a lot of money!

it turns out that when we are stingy with the life in front of us, we have tacitly checked the happiness in the future: the one with the lowest cost performance.

even if you are a more conservative person, sense of security is more important than anything else.

then I would also advise you, after ensuring the basic sense of security, please do not be stingy and try your best to experience the happiness in front of you.

if you want to be rich, you must first act like a rich man.

if you want to be happy, you must first live like a happy person.

in the most difficult times, you have to believe that your time and health are really valuable.

and your creativity is much stronger than you think.

successful people won't tell you the truth at all.

Don't sacrifice your time and health in order to save a little money at hand. Doing so will greatly suppress your creativity and keep you from turning around forever.

Scientific research says that poverty makes people stupid.

psychologists say that lack of love can make people feel inferior.

Poverty and scarcity always bring about a vicious circle of poverty and scarcity.

at the very least, you need to give yourself a few chances to experience success and happiness.

if you can't even experience it, how can you get it?