After two years of popularity, the little sister, who brought fire to a city, was scolded as a hot search for the National Games.
After two years of popularity, the little sister, who brought fire to a city, was scolded as a hot search for the National Games.
Don't let "aesthetic" be judged by "ugly" Bad money drives out good.

not long ago, downtown Xi'an.

the 10-kilometer road from Xi'an International Convention and Exhibition Center to Olympic Sports Center is crowded with people everywhere.

99 torchbearers carried the torches of the event.

but when one of the female torchbearers appeared, the voice of doubt appeared.

"can an Internet celebrity be a torchbearer?"

"I don't know what the criteria for selecting torchbearers are."

the number of people who agree is not in the minority, so that the topic goes directly to the hot search.

this torchbearer is Feng Jiachen, the little sister of a tumbler who was "one person with fire and one city" two years ago.

that winter, she wore a Tang costume and danced lightly with a fan.

now, she is dressed in sportswear, and her beautiful face is full of vitality.

unexpectedly, after two years of popularity, the little sister of the tumbler has become a torchbearer.

those who question it may never see her for what she really is.

in the winter of 2019, Datang never sleeps at night, it becomes the busiest time of the day.

the streets are always surrounded by countless tourists, just to see Feng Jiachen's little sister who is not a tumbler.

I saw her dress up the makeup of the Tang Dynasty, put up flowers and dimples.

A woman's dress is half-covered with a fan.

the body is light, looking forward to glow, coming to you lightly in the crowd.

it is like a flying immortal from Datang, which makes people look at it for ten thousand years.

some people say that they never believe in crossing, but when they see her, they begin to be in a trance.

the clothes are fluttering, the smile is beautiful and the eyes are looking forward to it.

Cao Zhi's sentence "if the clouds cover the moon, if the wind returns to the snow", it is not too much to describe her.

how popular was Feng Jiachen?

because she wants to interact with the audience during the performance, she holds hands when she meets a female audience.

when you meet a male audience, give it a pat with a fan.

so, I don't know how many people went to Xi'an just to shake hands with her.

the performance scene is surrounded by three layers inside and outside every day.

even before the show started, many people would rather stand in line for more than ten hours, waiting for her to appear.

the fence with such a thick wrist was crushed three times because of her.

in order to maintain order, security personnel even have to eat a box of throat moisturizing tablets a day.

A joke was popular on the Internet at that time:

there is a little girl who comes to play with her family.

because there were too many people and she was too small to see the tumbler's little sister, she was anxious to hold her mother and cry.

there is also a 77-year-old grandmother who came from Beijing in a wheelchair in the winter of December to see Feng Jiachen.

clasped her hand tightly and was reluctant to let it go for a long time.

there is one more data:

in the list of tourist attractions in Xi'an, the ranking of the city that never sleeps in Datang has skyrocketed since the appearance of the younger sister of the tumbler.

and you should know that the development and construction of the never-sleeping city scenic spot in Datang only happened in the past ten years.

on his own, he set a city on fire.

but people are getting angry, and more and more doubts also appear.

said that she was purely lucky, that she only relied on her face, and speculated that there must be team hype behind her, one after another.

but in fact, her popularity was only an accident when she was shot by a short video by the audience.

only she knows how much effort and hard work is behind this "accident".

in the summer of 2018, the Datang never Night City Scenic spot in Xi'an is recruiting dancers.

Feng Jiachen ran to register.

she was 22 years old and had just graduated from college, majoring in preschool education.

out of love, she taught herself to dance for eight years.

I feel that I can be an actor in a scenic spot, dance and wear beautiful clothes every day, so I sent my resume.

her excellent self-conditions enabled her to be admitted smoothly.

at first, her job was as a dancer in the stage play "back to Chang'an".

looks like just wearing a graceful costume to do elegant movements.

but in order to play a good role, she always insists on working harder than others, consulting books to study makeup and movements, and repeatedly speculating on the works of her predecessors.

the charm of the beauty of the Tang Dynasty was properly pinched in her frown and smile.

No matter how big or small the characters are, Feng Jiachen is always full of energy.

picked up the glass, she was as valiant as a knight-errant.

put on light gauze, she can be as shy as a girl.

after acting like this for a year, her scenic spot began to launch a street performance called "tumbler".

that is a male and a female actor designed according to the city mascots of Xi'an, "Tang Bao" and "Tang Niu".

stand on the base like a tumbler to complete the dance movements and interact closely with tourists.

sounds beautiful and relaxed.

but this job is really not done by ordinary people.

the base of the actor's fixed body is a semicircular base with a T-shaped supporting iron frame.

this performance prop aloneIt weighs 500 jin and requires the joint efforts of several adult men to carry it.

because of the particularity of the device, the selection of actors is even more demanding.

an actress should be about 163cm in height and no more than 100 in weight.

and this kind of performance depends on the strong core strength of the waist and abdomen.

360 degree rotation, not only desperately control the center of gravity, but also elegant and gentle movement.

as soon as many people stand up, they just fall to the ground and can't get up.

some people stood up and shook and almost cried.

of the more than 100 people who signed up at the beginning, only a few passed the screening and test. Feng Jiachen is one of them.

Long for a perfect elegant tea length cocktail dresses that flows around your curves, flattering your height? Do not hesitate, just click the button and enjoy the wonderful shopping experience!

in order to achieve the best performance effect, she strictly controls her weight.

never dare to neglect to practice, fitness exercise to strengthen the waist and abdomen, has become a compulsory course every day.

after being familiar with the essentials of movements, Feng Jiachen, who is good at dancing, also joined the movements of classical dance.

in the case of exerting strength all over the body, we should also show a gentle posture and make a gentle expression.

in this way, she forced herself into a "little sister who doesn't tumble".

before each performance starts, she needs to stand on the prop stage with the help of the staff.

the lower body was completely fixed in an iron frame, and during the hour-long performance, the waist was tightly tied by an "iron belt" six or seven centimeters wide.

then, with the strength of the waist alone, the normal performance is completed.

at the end of the daily performance, Feng Jiachen's waist, thighs and hips were all bruised by iron frames.

in order to show the lightest posture during the performance, even in the cold winter, only one piece of warm underwear can be worn in the thin Tang clothes.

when tourists come to see the show in thick cotton-padded jackets and down jackets, Feng Jiachen can only stick a few pieces of warm baby on his body.

even if your hands and feet are cold, you should face everyone with the gentlest and brightest smile.

at the beginning of Guo Degang's popularity, a reporter asked him: how do you feel about becoming famous overnight?

Guo Degang asked: which night?

what you see is the little sister who suddenly rose to fame, but what you can't see is Feng Jiachen, who has worked hard on the basic skills for eight years and spent several months on the prop stage.

for her, it's just a job she really loves.

it is worth all the effort and patience to run the business well.

this is an era when everyone wants to make quick money, and many people squeeze their heads to become Internet celebrities in order to receive advertisements and cash in goods, making a lot of money.

Feng Jiachen, who can become popular, made a different choice from everyone else.

in those two years, all kinds of media, including CCTV, rushed to cover the news, which increased by millions of fans.

she was also invited to Dubai to show our oriental beauty in a foreign country.

many online celebrity packaging companies also come to the door and want to sign her.

the most popular talent show at that time, the creation Camp, also invited her to attend.

but she refused one by one:

"I think I still need to study and carve myself better, so as to bring better performances and works to the audience who like me."

the road of life is long, and now it is just the beginning. "

this girl, who is only in her 20s, is very sober.

nothing seems to have happened to her, clocking in to work every day.

continue to work as a dancer in the wind and sun, performing for tourists.

"I am a brick in the scenic spot, where I need it."

she knows that no matter how great fame and glory are, it is not worth the peace of mind to keep her feet on the ground.

she still lives a leisurely life.

occasionally go to the library to spend a leisurely afternoon.

or take a beautiful picture of Chang'e running to the moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival reunion.

and his boyfriend, who knew each other when he was young, also got married.

the only difference is that she has a new identity: the Shaanxi Culture Brigade recommends the ambassador.

apart from work, the most common thing on weekdays is to promote the tourism culture of my hometown online and offline.

will also use his influence to participate in various public welfare activities to help the poor and help farmers.

she said: "it is the most meaningful thing for more people to know Xi'an, fall in love with Xi'an, an ancient city with a long history, and make some contribution to their hometown."

as now, she holds the torch of the Xi'an National Games and shows the elegant demeanor of the young people in this ancient city in her best form.

but when she appeared as a torchbearer, the netizens who praised her were full of ridicule.

the ear does not want to discuss whether she is qualified or not to be the torchbearer.

I want to talk about something else.

at the first talk show a few days ago, a contestant told a joke, which impressed me:

"We watched the mobile phone launch, looked at the smartest brains in the world, and studied the new design launched for a year.

but the netizens' reaction is: is that it?

but when you open the short video platform, a video of a blogger connecting a bottle cap with his head can get millions of likes.

the comments are: this Niu X. "

is so vivid that it makes people feel ashamed.

We always complain that Internet celebrities are vulgar and bad taste, but people with vulgar and bad taste always emerge one after another.

Show the lower limit, hit the edge of the ball, talk rubbish, you can circle countless fans.

just like the online celebrity Guo who sniffed socks, exposed underwear and cursed in the live broadcast.

even if she is banned, some people still like to imitate her "Guo Yan Guo Yu", an unknown "Yesmola", which can also become an Internet buzzword.

the Internet celebrity Han Anran, who is only in his early 20s, has three divorces, two miscarriages and countless plastic surgeries.

not only have 5 million fans, but you can search for everything you do.

and what about those people who are really doing things in a down-to-earth manner?

at the beginning of this month, Lao Chen, a policeman of the Internet Security Brigade, conscientiously promoted the "National Anti-Fraud Center APP" on the live broadcast platform.

but a group of people jump out and question:

"is it appropriate for the police not to solve the case?"

when he learned that Lao Chen was broadcasting fraud live in his spare time, he accused him of daring to wear a police uniform after work.

he always threatens to report, and finds fault with every word he says.

forced Officer Chen to withdraw from the net and shut down.

some people work silently and are poked in the spine.

some people are grandstanding, but they are making money everywhere.

now, when a sincere and hardworking girl is popular, she wants to label her as "hypocritical" and "unworthy".

each of us is responsible for causing such an abnormal situation.

We should rethink the definition of "Internet celebrity".

in my opinion, Internet celebrities, such as Officer Chen, Feng Jiachen and Li Ziqi, should work hard in a down-to-earth manner and use their influence to bring us correct values or the enjoyment of beauty.

it should not be the likes of Mr. Guo and Han Anran, who are pretentious, just to make money.

Don't let "aesthetic" be judged by "ugly" Bad money drives out good.

to pay for vulgar online celebrities and chill those who do things in a down-to-earth way, it will only be ourselves in the end.