After seeing the pillow man of the space goddess Wang Yaping, I finally know what the highest marriage is.
After seeing the pillow man of the space goddess Wang Yaping, I finally know what the highest marriage is.
Love is romance, marriage is sharing weal and woe.

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in the early morning of October 16, the Shenzhou 13 manned spacecraft was successfully launched!

with an exciting cry, a firelight cut through the tranquil night sky, and China Aerospace shocked the world again!

our "most handsome regiment", Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu, three astronauts, are about to start a 180-day mission.

at the ceremony of the battle, there was a childish voice in the crowd, shouting "Mom, Mom", which was particularly eye-catching.

as a mother, astronaut Wang Yaping smiled and waved her hands. Her eyes were firm and her steps were leisurely.

as the only female astronaut in the crew, Wang Yaping has too many labels. Any one of them is enough to amaze people:

she is China's first post-80s female astronaut, China's first extravehicular female astronaut, China's first female astronaut stationed in a space station, and the only Chinese female astronaut to go into space twice.

however, behind Wang Yaping's excellent, hard-core aerospace resume is an ordinary and ordinary life like most of us.

Today I want to talk about her, those soft and tender labels, her love and marriage, family and life.

as soon as the golden wind and jade dew meet, it wins but countless people.

in many days and nights of chasing dreams, there is a man who has been behind Wang Yaping to protect her from the wind and rain.

he is Wang Yaping's husband, Zhao Peng.

Zhao Peng is a native of Yuanping in Xinzhou, Shanxi Province. he is not only sunny and handsome, but also excellent in character and learning, humorous and funny.

they have the same profession and interests, so when they appear in front of each other again, they recognize each other almost at first sight.

in 2006, Wang Yaping and Zhao Peng held a wedding in their hometown and entered the hall of marriage.

although the two men are in the same unit, they are separated by two different transport regiments hundreds of kilometers away, and they rarely see each other once a year.

No matter how far away you are, you can't stop your love for each other.

after marriage, Zhao Peng and Wang Yaping agreed to send text messages to each other as soon as they landed after each flight mission, and this agreement has been adhered to to this day.

in 2008, the couple carried out emergency airlift tasks respectively.

stayed at the same airport on standby, but didn't have time to meet.

before taking off, Wang Yaping received a text message from her husband, with only 11 words, but full of love:

"wife, concentrate on flying. I'll cheer for you."

after the completion of the mission, the plane landed at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport, and the two met for the first time of the year.

in just 30 minutes, the most common thing to say to each other is "fly well and pay attention to safety".

then, they went to carry out their own tasks.

back at home, they are couples on a blind date side by side, walk into their respective posts, and are equal comrades-in-arms.

but the only constant is their unswerving trust in each other, that no matter when and where, I am willing to take you to heart and give you enough sense of security.

the highest marriage is a kind of responsibility, and all affection is hidden in careful care and care.

some people say that people who don't love you only care about whether you fly high, while those who love you care about whether you are tired or not.

A good marriage is to make you believe that no matter how difficult life is, there will always be someone who will leave you a soft and tough embrace to calm down all your tiredness.

Love is romance, marriage is sharing weal and woe.

is to taste the world fireworks side by side, hand in hand with each passing year.

through the ups and downs over the past few decades, what is important is that two people are in the same boat and cooperate sincerely.

this is true of Wang Yaping and Zhao Peng.

after joining the astronaut brigade, Wang Yaping was transferred from Wuhan to Beijing.

in order to make his wife feel at ease in her space career, Zhao Peng gave up the chance of promotion and followed his wife to Beijing, willing to be the man behind his excellent wife.

he took the initiative to undertake all the housework and all the big and small affairs of the family.

from cleaning to washing and taking care of children, I also learned a good cook and gave my wife enough "logistical support".

as long as his wife likes it, he learns to make it.

he blends the taste of two people's hometown, Shandong and Shanxi, and improves Shanxi cuisine. When his wife eats happily, he is happy.

someone asked him, "will you feel bitter and tired to undertake these things?"

he replied firmly, "tired, but it's all worth it."

Zhao Peng condensed his love for his wife into a poem, which was written on the title page of the diary:

there is love without bitterness in my heart, and I have my own spectrum of green years.

A story about flying together, the goddess loves to fly with each other.

the simple and vivid language is not only the tenderness of the iron-blooded man, but also the most moving confession.

think of a sentence by Yang Lan:

"Marriage is not only love, but also loyalty, tacit understanding and unforgettable kindness."

for Wang Yaping, it is her husband's silent giving and support that has made her the greatest strength on the road to pursuing her dreams.

the highest level of marriage is not only a close match, but also the decline of each other.

when you want to pursue your dream, let me be your strongest backing and the most secure destination.

when you are tired and want to rest, let me be the hero who protects you from the wind and rain.

supporting each other and accomplishing each other may be the best way to get married.

in the latest issue of the Reader, the immortal love of Mom and Dad breaks my long-standing stereotype of marriage.

Ru Zhengang, a wheat expert, on the Chinese table, one out of every eight steamed buns comes from his research contribution.

Yuan Lianzhuang, a cabbage expert, there are ten cabbages in the Central Plains, five of which are her varieties.

after more than 30 years of marriage, they are still affectionate and harmonious.

however, when they first got married, the two people disagreed over "who is in charge, who is in charge".

as both scientific researchers, it is difficult for them to meet once in a month and a half, let alone to take care of their families.

so they made a ten-year agreement that the two would do scientific research together, and whoever didn't do well would go home and take charge of the housework.

for the sake of this dispute over the "logistics minister", the two men went hand in hand and did not give way to each other.

in the first decade, they bred many excellent varieties at the same time and tied.

so there was a second decade agreement, and as a result, they once again won the Henan Science and Technology Progress Award and tied again.

when Dong Qing asked if there would be a third "ten-year agreement", Ru Zhengang smiled and his eyes sparkled:

"the former teacher is capable. I don't think we can make an appointment for the third decade. Let's join hands and fly together."

then the two men laughed and clasped each other's hands.

behind the brilliant scientific research achievements, there is countless bitterness and sweat.

during the four years when Ru Zhengang was in the doldrums, it was his wife's continuous encouragement that made her husband cheer up again.

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after the original Lianzhuang was diagnosed with rectal cancer, it was the spiritual support of her husband Ru Zhengang, who took her out of the nightmare step by step.

Scientific research is booming, and my daughter has graduated from college and become an expert in apple cultivation.

Balzac once said:

"the happiness of marriage is not built entirely on illustrious status and property, but on mutual respect. The essence of this happiness is humility and simplicity."

in "Mom and Dad", I see another possibility of marriage.

many people say that to get married is to walk into a besieged city, weaken your career and lose yourself.

but in fact, the highest marriage is not grievance, not alone, but go all out and go hand in hand.

the best support for your lover is that you are good, but I am not bad.

have read such a sentence:

"I love you, so I want you to be surrounded, so the way you go should be full of flowers and voices."

for you, I can give up my glory, stay behind you, and protect you in everything.

for you, I can go forward bravely, just to share the wind, rain and cold wave with you.

the highest marriage is a school in which we learn to love, to be considerate, to be tolerant and to give.

it makes us better of ourselves and makes us partners we can be proud of.

in the journey of life, we will encounter a lot of frustrations and frustrations.

but we know that no matter how the world changes, there will always be someone by your side, knowing your warmth, knowing your joys and sorrows.

, may you understand the true meaning of marriage and join hands with your pillow to create a higher marriage and a happier life!