After middle age, running and not running lead a different life.
After middle age, running and not running lead a different life.
May you achieve a better self in the running of life.


when Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, was young, he made himself an "annual plan" every year.

until 2016, when he was just entering middle age, he gradually felt that his energy was beginning to lack and his physical condition was declining, so he began to set his goal on physical fitness.

this year, he set himself a goal of running one mile a day and 365 miles a year.

in 2016, Zuckerberg visited China.

the first thing he did when he came to China was to run around Tiananmen Square.

he said: "only by keeping healthy can we have more energy and energy to do more meaningful things."

when you reach middle age, your life is half sloping.

the busyness of career, the pressure of family, the decline of physical fitness.

each item is like a mountain hanging over one's head, pressing people out of breath.

and running is the best way to change anxiety and relieve physical and mental stress.

run, keep fit

Let's look at a picture first:

the man in the photo, named Diogo, has a huge beer belly and weighs 320jin. He is full of fat on his chest and arms.

once, a friend laughed at him for being too greasy and his self-esteem was damaged, and he was determined to lose weight.

after reading many people's weight loss sharing on the Internet, he found that running was the easiest way to lose weight, so he decided to start with running.

at first, he was exhausted from running several hundred meters.

but looking at his bulky figure, he got down to heart, gritted his teeth and forced himself to stick to it.

from 1 km, to 5 km, to 10 km. He wouldn't give up even if there was a cocoon on the soles of his feet.

later, he signed up for the 10-kilometer race.

during the race, the doctors outside the field were worried that the fat man would faint in the middle of the track and let the ambulance follow him all the time.

but he persevered.

when he crossed the finish line, everyone cheered and boiled for him.

that race brought him great confidence. In the next three years, he ran 11 and a half horses, twice all horses, and two times Triathlon.

the same middle-aged man.

in the last three years, he had a huge beer belly and a greasy face.

three years later, he was full of energy with eight-pack abs.

if he doesn't run or exercise, he will still be the bloated fat man three years later.

some people say:

"running for 1 month can reduce weight, cardiopulmonary function becomes stronger after 3 months, body immunity increases after half a year, and physical function and appearance in 3 and 5 years will obviously exceed that of their peers."

Middle age is a hurdle for the body to go downhill.

after middle age, people who do not exercise or keep fit will only grow older and gradually become old and decayed.

people who love sports and running are in a race against time.

every step you take forward will make you grow up against your age and become younger.

run, cultivate the mind

Middle age is also the barren year of life.

once you enter this timeline, you have to face the anxiety of the second half of life.

Mao Daqing, chairman of WeWork, 44, was diagnosed with depression.

during those days, he was too anxious to sleep in the middle of the night, woke up during the day feeling lethargic and muddled all day.

later, the company promoted national sports and encouraged people to keep fit actively.

Mao Daqing, who originally hated sports, also began to lead his colleagues to run in response to the company's call.

from the beginning of reluctance, to the back of running can not stop running.

Mao Daqing gradually got rid of depression in the process of running.

John H. Grace, a psychiatrist at the University of Wisconsin, once did an experiment.

he randomly selected 28 patients with mild depression and divided them into three groups.

one group did jogging, one group did short-term psychotherapy, and the other group received unlimited long-term psychotherapy.

results A week later, most patients with depression who jogged and those who received short-term psychotherapy began to improve.

after three weeks, almost all the patients in the first two groups recovered, while those who received long-term psychotherapy did not change at all.

Grace concluded:

"in terms of eliminating mild depression, running is not only comparable to short-term psychotherapy, but also more effective than unlimited long-term psychotherapy."

later, he continued to follow this group of patients and found that two years later, most of the recovered patients were still running.

according to the World Health Organization, 20% of general practitioners currently recommend running as an alternative to adjuvant therapy when treating depression.

running is a spiritual redemption.

just like the saying on the Internet:

"three kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of grievances, five kilometers specializes in treating all kinds of internal injuries, and after ten kilometers running, the heart is full of kindness and magnanimity."

when you are depressed, stressed, and in a bad mood, you might as well walk out the door and run.

use a sound and dripping run to dissolve your inner sorrows and troubles.

when you start running, the whole world is making way for you.

run, practice

according to big data's analysis of the Chinese Marathon, the age group with the largest number of participants in the marathon in the past three years is between 35 and 50 years old.

and of all the people who took part in the marathon, middle-aged people also got the best grades.

Why do many people like running more and more after they reach middle age?

some netizens said:

"in his twenties, there are people who are old and young, and the burden on them is getting bigger and bigger, but their inner self is gradually disappearing.

and running, most of the time, is a person walking alone, is an excellent time to get along with themselves. "

Sohu CEO Zhang Chaoyang is also an athlete. He said in a speech on running:

running is also a kind of precipitation.

while running, listen to music, feel the wind passing by your ears, and experience the truest touch from the soles of your feet.

when you forget your worldly troubles and discard your inner impetuosity.

will be immersed in the experience of flow, which not only heals the body and mind, but also balances the career and family.

Feng Tang, a writer who coined the term "middle-aged greasy man", persisted in running to prevent himself from becoming greasy.

now, having been running for more than 10 years, he always keeps a pair of running shoes and shorts in his suitcase every time he goes on a business trip.

he feels that running, like writing, is a spiritual practice, and he has put forward five principles of running.

first, dare to start.

the hardest thing in life is not to reach the end, but to take the first step.

second, we must stick to it.

I want to run because I don't want to run. Just because you don't want to continue, you have to stick to it.

third, forget the outcome.

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when running, you should restrain your desire to keep up with others and blindly compare speed with others, which will only make you feel bad.

fourth, enjoy growth.

after running, you will begin to grow, gradually from one kilometer to three kilometers, ten kilometers.

Fifth, there is no ultimate.

Life is a marathon, running is a long-term doctrine, in this marathon, we are always young, always on the road.

Life is a long-distance race.

on this endless road, we run all the way, practice all the way, and grow all the way.

everyone who walks forward in a down-to-earth manner can reap the happiness he wants in the scenery along the way.

running cures everything

the process of running is not only a process of practice, but also a process of healing.

running expert Zhang Zhanhui mentions in his book "running cures" that running brings three cures:

running improves cardiopulmonary function.

after the age of 25, the body's basal metabolic rate decreases.

running can promote metabolism, lower blood sugar, help us improve cardiopulmonary function and prevent cardiovascular disease.

nourish the brain and improve mood.

when running, the concentration of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the brain increases, the hippocampus in the brain associated with learning and memory becomes larger, and people become smarter.

Let people get the "flow" experience

when you devote yourself to running, you will forget the passage of time and the troubles of life.

and the dopamine you secrete at the moment will also give you a strong sense of pleasure.

running is the cure for everything.

of course, after knowing the benefits of running, how do you get yourself into action and start running?

combined with his professional experience, Zhang Zhanhui shares some running tips in the book.

this is simply divided into three parts.

preparation before running

be prepared: don't be afraid to run. Give yourself a sense of ritual before running, and as soon as you put on your running shoes, go out for a run.

physical preparation: simply warm up before running and get yourself into exercise ahead of time.

running posture

head: when running, your eyes should look straight ahead and don't bow your head, otherwise it will cause pressure on the cervical vertebra.

arm swing: excessive arm swing during running consumes physical strength.

the best posture is to swing forward, not beyond the middle horizontal line, and only to the waistline when swinging back.

in addition, the angle of the elbow should be less than 90 degrees.

(swing arm height diagram)

feet: when running, knees and toes should be facing straight ahead.

when running easily, the height of the foot is up to the calf; when running in rhythm, it is about the height of the knee; when running intermittently, the height is above the knee.

(schematic diagram of leg lifting height)

body center of gravity: the correct posture for running is "gravity running", not "sitting running".

the so-called gravity running, that is, when running, the center of gravity moves forward slightly, making use of the body's self-weight to gain forward power, and then pull up the legs.When you run forward, you don't need to push the ground. pay attention to landing on the soles of the whole foot or the soles of the forefeet.

(running posture comparison)

breathing: use abdominal breathing. Relax your abdomen when you inhale through your nose and tighten your abdomen when you exhale through your mouth.

(diagram of abdominal breathing)

stretch after running

at the end of the run, stretch the muscles statically, controlling an action within 30 seconds and completing 3-4 times.

but be aware that if the stretching time is too long, the ligaments will be hurt.

Zhang Zhanhui said: "there are no exercise habits that you can't adhere to, only exercise intensity that you can't bear."

the reason why many people feel that they can't keep running is that they haven't mastered the right method.

when you have a goal and begin to master scientific methods, you can turn the seemingly masochistic sport of running into a self-healing action.

every time you run, you win a little battle of "conquering yourself and controlling yourself".

running is a process of constantly changing and training yourself.

every time you move forward, every time you compete with yourself, it will make you more courageous and calm in the years to come.

all the ups and downs on the road of life are eventually transformed into your mileage and become a monument that you are proud of in the course of running.

, may you become a better person in your life.