8 habits for an excellent woman to live better and better
8 habits for an excellent woman to live better and better
If there is something in the heart, the world is small, but there is nothing in the heart.

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smile more when you have nothing to do

as the saying goes, "there are many ups and downs in life, and a smile turns into a breeze!"

nine times out of ten, there are unsatisfactory things. If you want to be too persistent, too concerned, and too demanding, there will be only bitterness and no joy on this face.

Don't take things too seriously. If there is something in your heart, the world is small, and there is nothing in your heart.

No matter what happens to big or small things, you have to get by and smile more often.

Life is that you laugh a lot, laugh for a long time, it seems that it is not so difficult.

do more things you like

if you like reading, take the time to read a few more books; like cooking, do more on weekends; like flowers and plants, take a few more to home in the flower market.

only by doing more of what you like, can one's sense of satisfaction be easily filled.

if you are happy to do something, do it more.

if you want to travel far away, find a time to go;

just want to rest, close the curtains and be covered

son, sleep in the dark.

No matter what age you are, there will be annoyances.

then do more things to make yourself happy. It's good.

if you are in a bad mood, talk less and organize more

Japanese poet Woodpecker Ishikawa wrote this sentence:

"one day, I reframed the paper door in the house, so I was at peace on this day."

when you are in a bad mood, you don't have to pour it out to anyone.

No one likes to listen to your negative emotions, and no matter how close the relationship is, there will be resistance.

try to divert attention. When you are in a bad mood, talk less and tidy up your room more.

with no distractions, I cleaned up, sweated, my home was tidy, and my mood brightened up.

say thank you more every day

No matter who you get along with, you often say "thank you".

A "thank you" is simple but sincere, the heart of the person who helps you is warm when he or she hears it, and the person who is helped says that his heart is warm.

sometimes, a casual thank you may bring others a good mood for a whole day.

not stingy praise

be generous and don't be stingy with your appreciation of others.

some people cannot meet others well, let alone praise and appreciate them.

in fact, this is not right, in life, you are happy to be recognized by others, just as it is also important to identify with others.

Sanmao once said:

"it's really a beautiful thing for a person to be alive. It's not about how beautiful or magnificent the scenery is, but who he meets, who is warmed up for a while, and then hopes that one day, he will become a little sun to warm others."

you are so good, you are excellent, express your appreciation from the bottom of your heart. This kind of appreciation will be transmitted to each other.

enjoy being alone

someone asked, "Why do we get along well with everyone, but we are still unhappy?"

the reason is simple, because we are all thinking about how to be gregarious and more popular, but ignore the most important point: how to get along with ourselves.

being gregarious is a good thing, but you don't have to prove yourself by being gregarious.

circles, there is no need for forced integration. A person should be able to enjoy the joy of being alone.

for example, walking, listening to music, watching movies, reading.

these things that enrich you when you are alone are actually more comfortable than being gregarious.

regular savings

increase revenue and cut expenditure, and make plans for your regular savings.

for example, some people will set aside a small amount of their monthly salary as their own emergency payment.

Life is often that the more you are afraid of, the more you come. When you need money urgently, but you can't get it out, it is often a headache.

for adults, the best sense of security is not whether there is love or not, but whether there is money in the card.

keep your strength and peace of mind.

Health awareness often exists

the best habit, always pay attention to health.

when people are ill, they will know how good it is to eat and be healthy.

in terms of diet, there is no shortage of meals, do not treat yourself too badly in order to save money, and eat nutritionally and reasonably.

in sports, there is no time to do systematic and strict exercise, jogging, push-ups, yoga, swimming, playing ball, etc.

regular physical check-ups are often kept in mind.

you should control your own health. If you don't care about yourself, others won't be able to take care of you.

it is inevitable for women who keep these habits to live better.

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