39-year-old actress "Guan Xuan" gave birth to a daughter: she ate frogs to prepare for pregnancy and was rejected by her mother-in-law for 7 years.
39-year-old actress "Guan Xuan" gave birth to a daughter: she ate frogs to prepare for pregnancy and was rejected by her mother-in-law for 7 years.
If it's not perfect, maybe it's happier.

Ariel Lin finally announced the birth of her daughter!

just two days ago, the agent confirmed that Ariel Lin had successfully given birth to a baby girl.

Thank you for your concern and blessing. Ariel did give birth to a Libra girl a few days ago. Both mother and daughter are safe and are currently in good recuperation.

it is not uncommon to say that you get married and have children.

but it is really too difficult for Ariel Lin, who has been married for seven years, has been pregnant for three years, and has tried any scientific method of pregnancy, but has always been fruitless.

to this end, the media are also chasing shadows, spreading all kinds of news:

Lin Yichen's husband cheated on the young model, and even brought the young model back to the house where he lived with his parents, the status of Lin Yichen's rich wife was not guaranteed.

Lin Yichen put off all her work after marriage and concentrated on waiting on her parents-in-law at home. She had a humble family status. She got up at 4 o'clock every day to do housework, greeted her parents at 6 o'clock, and sent her parents to work.

Ariel Lin was forced to eat frogs alive in order to get pregnant.

for a while,

# Ariel Lin is humble #, # Ariel Lin wife is not easy to be #

all kinds of entries emerge one after another, making a lot of noise.

seeing the situation getting out of control, Ariel Lin, who has always kept a low profile, had to send Weibo to clarify and respond to the recent affair one by one.

the words are interesting and well-organized, not only refuting the recent rumors, but also conveying their own attitude, hitting a large number of media that spread rumors.

"unmarried or unborn is a choice, and it is also a choice to form your own family and give birth to the next generation. The focus is on your own decisions, rather than succumbing to the demands of others and the general trend of society."

Rainie Rainie and Liu Ruoying, friends in the circle, also supported it one after another.

then, the storm faded away.

in fact, there are many aspects of life, and you can't judge a person's state of life by one side.

Why always add the filter of bitter drama to Ariel Lin's life?

this warm-hearted, kind-hearted and hard-working girl has already lived the most beautiful life!

"Life hits me hard, and I live with a smile."

whether it is the image of Lin attending the event or on the screen, Ariel Lin will always be happy and complacent, like a carefree little princess.

No one knows that the journey has been full of hardships.

when she was 5 years old, her parents divorced. The day her father left, she naively asked her father, "can you take me there?"

Father just glanced at her and left.

later, my father never came back, leaving his frail mother to take care of the two brothers and sisters.

at the age of 17, Lin Yichen, whose mother fell ill after an unexpected stroke and was still in her second year of high school, learned that her mother owed more than NT $3 million in debt in order to pay for their education.

Family troubles made the originally carefree Ariel grow up overnight and began to support the family with her mother.

by chance, in order to buy a computer for her brother who entered high school, Lin Yichen signed up for the "Taipei MRT Super Beautiful Girl Competition."

Ariel Lin is sober and independent.

Lin Yichen was not blinded by the temptation of the moment, but still studied hard, worked and studied both, and was finally admitted to the Korean Department of the National Chengchi University.

Ariel Lin, who entered the university, was as busy as a top, taking care of her studies while filming.

I often go to class during the day, recite lines and shoot movies after class, often stay up until four or five o'clock in the morning, and then take a nap for a few hours to continue the class.

when I was busiest, I didn't sleep for six days and nights. When I saw the sunrise on the sixth day, I couldn't stop the flow of tears.

Ariel Lin has to be strong and hard-working.

on one occasion, Lin Yichen jumped directly from the 20th floor without changing a stand-in. She tried several times, but accidentally fell to her head when she landed.

Ariel Lin was only 23 years old at that time. When she woke up from the hospital, she wrote a suicide note to her mother.

in a short period of 6 years, Ariel Lin filmed 13 idol dramas. She always thought she could try harder, but she didn't expect her body to turn on the red light and forced her to stop.

because of the super workload, young Ariel Lin got a pituitary cyst, which often led to endocrine disorders, insomnia, and even edema, which seriously affected his life. Only after the operation did he get better.

Ariel Lin is low-key and self-disciplined.

everyone around her knows that Ariel Lin is extremely strict with herself, and her pursuit of perfection is so stressful that others see it.

Director qu Youning once mentioned Lin Yichen and said:

"she has always been a very strict person, strict enough to be strict, and at some point it will also be a kind of pressure on the people around her. That kind of pressure is that we are not perfect, but you don't seem to see imperfections in her."

so, when Zheng Yuanchang asked her out to match her lines, he wanted to talk about work while eating.

unexpectedly, Ariel Lin had prepared in advance and even marked it with a pen of eight different colors.

Ariel Lin's self-discipline stems not only from the high requirements of himself, but also from her dedication to work.

in his acceptance speech, Hu GE thanked Ariel Lin for the two words she said to him:

one sentence is acting.Drama is the process of exploring human nature; another sentence is that she is acting with her life.

these two words spur Hu GE, but also Lin Yichen's motto towards work.

there are so many life counterattacks, turning over in the critical attack, but experienced countless times behind the gnashing of teeth and persistence.

Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms says:

Life always makes us black and blue, but in the end, those injured places will certainly become our strongest places.

Lin Yichen's achievements are earned desperately and make her stronger and stronger.

the gorgeous turn of the idol drama "the Queen"

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Ariel Lin, who is new to the entertainment industry, does not have much advantage.

she has ordinary talent.

in the coming of Kangxi, she performed coquetry with Rainie at the same time.

Rainie came easily and pinched it very well, while Ariel Lin performed awkwardly and stiffly.

even Tsai Kang-yong said that Ariel was like a "bitter Dan."

she looks ordinary.

the slim Ariel Lin has a round face and looks chubby on camera.

even Ariel herself complains that she looks like a compass.

audience popularity is also mediocre.

even now, some people always say that she is "rustic" and does not look good.

but Ariel Lin doesn't care, even less convinced.

on the way to acting, she studied hard and did not relax.

A Kiss of mischief has made Ariel Lin a household name and become the youth and memory of a generation.

No one thought that Lin Yichen, who did not know how to act coquettish in life, made Yuan Xiangqin, who was cute and sweet, real and natural.

obviously plays the female ghost, but the ancient spirit is strange, the cute person's face is bloody.

when Naoki Jiang misunderstood the cold violence, the emotional outburst of crying made people feel very distressed.

and the sweet love between Naoki and Naoki is a match for anyone who has seen it.

three consecutive "Kiss of mischief" let the audience say, "Yuan Xiangqin is Lin Yichen, and Lin Yichen is Yuan Xiangqin."

A good actor is not a person to shape the role, but a character to shape the person.

after Yuan Xiangqin, Lin Yichen still left countless classic characters and well-known works.

the mischievous Xiao Qi in the Flying Immortals outside the sky.

Huang Rong, who is smart and dares to love and hate in the legend of the shooting and carving hero.

both works are partners with Hu GE, but they do not have stage fright at all, and each character is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

in the interpretation of the role, Ariel Lin has never been satisfied with a single form, always breaking through himself.

as a result, everyone saw du Lala, a capable and independent strong working woman in du Lala's pursuit of Marriage.

wholehearted input and high-quality output make Ariel Lin's acting career higher and higher.

with the two TV series "Kiss of mischief" and "I may not Love you," Lin Yichen won the "Taiwan TV Golden Bell Award for heroine in Drama programs" twice.

once unfavored performance rookie, with a do not admit defeat, gorgeous turn around, won the title of "idol drama queen".

"live the life you want, not the life that others expect"

Venus once jokingly asked Lin Yichen, "the actors you worked with, Hu GE, Chen Bolin and Zheng Yuanchang, did not get married because of you?"

Ariel Lin said, "I hope so, but I guess not."

in the entertainment industry for many years, working with countless male gods, Ariel Lin has always been a zero affair.

the only thing on everyone's mind is the "Jiang couple" who partnered with Zheng Yuanchang in the Kiss of mischief.

therefore, when Zheng Yuanchang and Ariel Lin interact in the same frame in Reality Show's "Special responsibility" in reality, countless teenage hearts are torn apart.

especially in the game, Ariel Lin wanted to call Zheng Yuanchang, but the blurted "Naoki" made people go back to 11 years ago in a second.

but life is not a TV series, but a little bit of reality.

for Lin Yichen, feelings have never been so-called vigorous and confused, but the warmth of heart to heart and return to the family.

Lin Yichen and her husband Lin Yuchao met at her cousin's wedding. They were both bridesmaids and best men at that time and liked each other.

so the two began to love each other slowly.

Yes, the progress of Ariel Lin's relationship is very slow.

Lin Yuchao and Lin Yuchao had known each other for a long time, and the two held hands on the subway. Lin Yuchao only held his fingertips carefully.

it is this carefulness and carefulness that moves Ariel Lin's heart.

and Lin Yuchao's sense of responsibility and the quality of filial piety to her parents, but also let Ariel Lin longing for family warmth to produce a different kind of sense of security, let her have the confidence to entrust life.

in 2014, Lin Yichen and Lin Yuchao got married in a low profile, and there was an uproar.

Yuan Xiangqin, who is in real life, married her "Jiang Naoki".

Ariel Lin seems to have changed after marriage.

instead of trying to export, she began to learn to slow down and focus on running a family.

evenHe was also joked by the agent that the rejected pay could build several buildings.

but only Ariel Lin knows that this is the life she wants.

whether it is career transformation or studying abroad, Ariel Lin has been living and growing in her own way.

like to meet three or two friends to get together, travel, live a life with relish, smile more complacent and magnanimous.

I don't care whether others think she is a "housewife" and ignore the evaluation of her career.

after all, what's wrong with focusing on family if you can work hard for your career?

Life is about choosing the one that suits you better among the countless choices.

No one will live a perfect life, and you can't dominate your own life according to the opinions of others.

as Zhang ailing said, "do what you want, choose what you love, not what is right in the eyes of others. You should live for yourself all your life."

the greatest happiness in life is "as long as you are happy!"

whether it is the "desperate San Niang" in her career or the "housewife" in her life.

Ariel Lin is trying to live the life she wants, not the life expected by others.

that's all.

, let's congratulate Ariel Lin on starting a more wonderful life as a mother!