17-year-old cleaning toilet, 23-year-old female anchor was competing by four Japanese television stations, 36-year-old host CCTV Spring Festival Gala, her life is amazing!
17-year-old cleaning toilet, 23-year-old female anchor was competing by four Japanese television stations, 36-year-old host CCTV Spring Festival Gala, her life is amazing!
You and I have been black and blue all over, but the wounds are all wings.

some time ago, one of Zhu Xun's Douyin posts went viral.

Zhu Xun, who sits in front of the camera, said leisurely: "what is fair? the stronger you are, the fairer the world is to you."

thinking of her life experience, she is indeed most qualified to say this.

Zhu Xun, the CCTV host who is most familiar to the audience, is the hostess with the highest notice fee of CCTV.

only sleep 4 hours a day, from cleaning toilets to NHK's only Chinese host

on September 9, 1990, 17-year-old Zhu Xun boarded a plane bound for Tokyo, mixed with apprehension.

two years ago, Zhu Xun, who was only 15 years old, was still in high school and became famous overnight with the role of "small" in "Young Rockers".

but what really made her so happy was the 2650 yuan she got.

in Young Rockers, Zhu Xun plays a rebellious girl who falls in love with smoky makeup

that year, Dong Qing was still worrying about math problems in Jiaxing No. 1 Middle School, Yang Lan was still practicing English in the English Department of Beiwai, and Ni Ping had just stepped into the door of CCTV.

when the movie was finished, Tian Zhuangzhuang turned to Zhu Xun and said, "I just need an actor to bring you into this business. Don't hate me in the future."

at that time, Zhu Xunna was bored: "it's too late to thank you. Why do you hate you?"

it took many years for Zhu Xun to know the meaning of this sentence. Some things are like Pandora's box, once opened, there is no way to go back.

in 1973, Zhu Xun was born in a fairly favorable environment.

Mom's Chinese Department, studying Lu Xun's Literature; Dad's Journalism Department, who works for Xinhua News Agency, was the first batch of expatriate reporters from Xinhua News Agency.

therefore, I gave her the name Zhu Xun.

Zhu Xun and his family

in the 1980s and 1990s, the tide of going abroad was on the rise.

like others around her, Zhu Xun happened to graduate from high school and wanted to go abroad and have a look at the outside world.

everything is new for young children when they go abroad for the first time.

but the novelty fades, and the first difficult problem is placed in front of Zhu Xun:

Japanese food, clothing, accommodation and transportation are very expensive, the tuition fees of Japanese language schools have to be paid, the 1.2 million yen of university scholarship should be saved, and the 500000 yen of fees for going to Japan should be repaid as soon as possible.

while her parents' allowance is only 50,000 yen a year, Zhu Xun realized that she had to earn the money on her own.

soon, Zhu Xun found her first job in Japan: cleaning toilets from the 1st floor to the 18th floor.

her foreman, a Japanese aunt, took the lead in giving her a demonstration: she wiped the urinal clean like washing her own teacup, carefully picking out a little yellow stain on the edge of the leak with her fingers.

in the process of cleaning the toilet, Zhu Xun accidentally spilled water and soiled the clothes of an old Japanese lady.

the foreman apologized by pressing her head with the dirty gloves that had just finished brushing the toilet.

who would have thought that the girl who was cleaning the toilet turned down the invitation for five TV dramas only a month ago.

years later, she wrote in her autobiography: thank life for giving me different tastes, including bad smells.

Zhu Xun worked on cleaning the toilet for three months, and finally she cleaned the toilet even cleaner than her aunt.

then she began to wash dishes in the restaurant.

do not wear gloves when washing dishes. Your hands are rough and chapped.

but Zhu Xun is leisurely: this is much better than cleaning the toilet and can practice oral English. Do you know how excited it is to slowly understand what other people are saying?

Zhu Xun when working in a restaurant

in her first year of studying in Japan, Zhu Xun's main energy was not only spent on his studies, but also often worked late into the night, so he slept no more than four hours a day.

this is the schedule mentioned by Zhu Xun in his autobiography A Xun:

7Rue 08RV 50, distance to school (one and a half hours).

09VUR 00MU 17RU 00, language school classes.

17VOUL 1800, working distance (one hour).

18PUBG 00RU 2300, working time.

23mm /10lt /m /s, journey home (50 minutes).

00Ru 03RU 00, do school homework.

03Ru 07RU 07RU 07RV 00, sleep.

Zhu Xun, who was renting a house in Japan at that time

long-term high-intensity work made Zhu Xun suffer from hemangioma, but the money saved for an hour and an hour has just paid the tuition fees for the first half of the year, how can he still have the money to do the operation?

gritting her teeth, she lay on the operating table of a small private hospital.

the consequence of being cheap is that things are not taken clean, and the wound cannot be healed for a long time, and blood, pus and gauze stick together.

but she went to the big hospital for a second operation.

after the operation, she was accompanied by a gentle moonlight shining into the hospital bed through the curtains.

Life is still going on, waiting for the surgical wound to fully heal.Zhu Xun went back to work to earn money.

but luck always comes when you forget it. In 1993, Zhu Xun's life took a turn for the better.

an interview recommended by a friend, Zhu Xun got the opportunity to host a "Chinese language Lecture" at NHK (Japan Broadcasting Association) by virtue of her experience of starring in a movie in China.

at that time, there were 1 million people learning Chinese in Japan, and 500000 people insisted on watching NHK lectures. Zhu Xun had been doing this job for six years.

at this point, Zhu Xun's hosting career officially began.

she has hosted many large-scale live programs such as "Asian Song", "Tonight", "China-Japan Song Club" and so on.

Zhu Xun knows it easily, whether it's Japanese, Chinese or English.

Zhu Xun interviewed Takeshi Kaneshiro in Hong Kong on behalf of Japan Asia Television, and was extremely fluent in Japanese

she also starred in BANSU KO GALS and the three Dragons, becoming the only Chinese mainland girl in Japan's mainstream media.

Zhu Xun on NHK TV

while working at NHK, she studied as a graduate student in management and won a scholarship from the Ministry of Education for three years in a row.

not only is tuition free, but also there is a living allowance of 198000 yen a month.

in her senior year, she also got the opportunity to exchange and study in Cambridge, England for half a year.

Zhu Xun took a photo with her classmates in the UK

after returning to Tokyo, Zhu Xun hosted the Asian amorous feelings Reality Show program "the View of Asia" while studying as a graduate student.

for a while, the Chinese girl became a regular on Japanese TV sets.

her work blossomed in an all-round way, and her studies did not fall behind. Her master's graduation thesis "Media Market Strategy for the 21st Century", which got an A grade, was listed in the National people's Congress of China in Japan.

but in the second year of getting her master's degree, Zhu Xun was preparing to do a big job in Japanese television when her mother, who was far away in Beijing, suddenly became seriously ill.

looking at her elderly father and sick mother, Zhu Xun resolutely decided to bid farewell to Japan and return to China for development.

I also have experience in washing dishes. I'm not afraid to start all over again!

from Tokyo to Beijing, from a well-known TV host to a passer-by, Zhu Xun has returned to the original starting point.

she, who was born to study economics and management, said, "I believe I can start from scratch. I won't wash dishes no matter how bad I am when I return home. Of course, I also have enough experience to do so."

after returning to Beijing, she auditioned for the host of "Zhengda Variety", entered the final assessment stage together with 12 other contestants, and was admitted by the program group with the first place in the final.

but getting into the TV station does not mean plain sailing, and unexpected difficulties are coming.

in Japan, Zhu Xun is blessed with the status of a foreigner, and everyone will tolerate the fact that Japanese is not standard.

but this is China, which represents the highest standard of CCTV, and everything has to be done according to the highest standard.

CCTV host group photo

speaking Japanese for many years, when she suddenly stood on the stage of "Zhengda Variety", she found that her Chinese level was limited to daily communication.

in NHK, she doesn't need to recite manuscripts, but she relies on prompts to improvise, but domestic hosts need to recite manuscripts, and she often weeps alone because she can't remember a long list of names and titles.

this time, she is called a "lovely and empty vase".

Zhu Xun, who is used to being praised abroad, began to question her ability.

during the recording of a "Zhengda Variety" program, she even got stuck in her voice, resulting in a sudden loss of voice.

the broadcast group announced: "from tomorrow, Zhu Xun will be suspended."

since then, Zhu Xun has been doing chores for a year, and his daily job is to answer the phone, soak in the computer room, write deskbooks for the host, and pack boxed lunches for various jobs.

but Zhu Xun doesn't care. The toilets have been swept. What's the point of running errands?

she once again became the king of Yue Gou Jian, suffering from hardship and suffering.

the box lunch is not given away for nothing, and the teacher does not scream for nothing.

planning, writing, recording, lighting, directing and editing, she carefully consulted various departments and absorbed all new knowledge.

the broadcasting level is not good enough, so she takes "People's Daily" and "Guanwen Guanzhi" every day, practicing word by word and reciting sentence by sentence.

CCTV "get together" program

in the program, Zhu Xun is nicknamed "Zhu Dadan", skydiving and scuba diving.

the most common saying in the program group is, "this is dangerous. Let Zhu Xun have a try first."

she is also recognized by CCTV as desperate San Niang, and even Ni Ping praises her.

you don't see a sense of distance and affectation in Zhu Xun, but you don't see the slightest sign of suffering in her.

"Zhengda ensemble"Art location

she is like a big sister next door, her eyes always flashing lively and innocent, and she always grins to the biggest when she smiles.

but fate played another joke on Zhu Xun.

in 2007, Zhu Xun, who was at the peak of her career, was diagnosed with thyroid adenoma during a routine physical examination, next to the vocal cords.

the risk of losing your vocal cords is tantamount to directly ruining your career for the host.

2007, Zhu Xun, who underwent surgery

when Zhu Xun woke up after the operation, the first thing Zhu Xun said was: "are the vocal cords still there?"

when she heard her own voice and saw the positive eyes of the people around her, her tears welled up.

as soon as she recovered from her serious illness, Zhu Xun ushered in another peak of her career.

from "Zhengda Variety" to "very 61st", and then to "Avenue of Stars", she went on a show, hit a show.

Zhu Xun said: "No one will send you success and peak. Giving you a platform and opportunity is already the greatest grace."

every time she faces difficulties, she can fight back, and she never lacks the courage to start all over again.

in front of every beautiful person, there is sweat shed by the silent efforts of the queen.

do not complain, do not escape, rely on talent and diligence, Zhu Xun's life, worthy of her duty.

Zhu Xun has been on the Spring Festival Gala 7 times

but what I appreciate more than diligence and hard work is her open-mindedness and relief.

if you read the words of the female hosts of CCTV, you will roughly find the difference between them.

Zhang Quanling is sharp, Yang Lan is elegant, and Zhu Xun is tender.

suffering does not make everyone grow, it is likely to make one cynical, sensitive and cautious.

but people who have mountains and seas in their hearts will turn suffering into wisdom in life and become more calm and open-minded.

"whether it is cleaning the toilet or carrying dishes in the pain of tearing after surgery, I always have good wishes and dreams, which is the most important experience of my life. Feel the details calmly every day, little by little will become the wealth of life, the weight of life, the value of survival. "

-- autobiography A Xun

I remember a children's show she hosted many years ago, which needed to follow children to imitate Michael Jackson's spacewalk.

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she took off her high heels and jumped barefoot on the stage, as unrestrained as a child.

has gone through all kinds of hardships and made several careers, but what you see is always the Ah Xun who ran away half his life with a naked heart and returned as a teenager.

you and I have been black and blue all over, but the wounds are all wings.

one book a week is released by authorization.